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100 Key Performance Indicator
Sales performance

100 Key Performance Indicators

The 100 most important KPIs for Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support, and Development.

woman working from home on email marketing
Sales performance

3 steps to integrate email marketing into the customer journey

Your email marketing strategy is not converting your prospects? Maybe you are not following these 3 essential steps to optimize your customer journey through email!

Photo of a tablet and a hand-written paper.jpg
Sales performance

4 factors to analyze in your company’s sales funnel

In order for you to have an analytical look at your sales pipeline and extract relevant information for your business, we have listed the 4 main factors you want to take care of!

4 colleagues working together with their laptops.jpg
Sales performance

The 3 steps to bring your Marketing and Sales teams together

Marketing and Sales departments have more in common than you might think, and promoting collaboration across these teams can boost your business performance.

Team having a meeting about KPIs while looking at Plecto dashboards
Sales performance

Top 5 KPIs that every Marketing team should measure

It’s about time to boost those marketing departments and help them focus on getting back on their feet from inside out.

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what is gamification.jpg

What is Gamification?

Do you still think of video games when you read 'Gamification'? Outdated! Learn about gamification and bring it to your business.

Group of friends playing cards

Top 10 Gamification Mistakes to Avoid

Gamification boosts engagement and performance amongst your employees, but it is easy to make mistakes when implementing it. Discover ten common mistakes and learn how you can avoid them.

Skee-ball game

How to Gamify Your Business

In this blog post, you will learn how to gamify all areas of your business. We highlight ways you can implement gamification in your marketing, sales, HR and innovation.

Video-game controller

What is Gamification and How Does it Work?

This blog post will cover the basics of gamification - what it is and how it works. Learn what intrinsic motivators need to be triggered in order for gamification to be effective and how you can implement a gamification system in your office.

hand typing on a computer keyboard

How to use Gamification in your Business

In this post, we'll be covering the main aspects of gamification. This includes what gamification is, some gamification examples in sales, marketing and customer loyalty and how you can implement gamification yourself.

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Employees looking at a computer screen.jpg

How to get started with a Data-Driven Culture?

A data-driven culture is based on trackable facts instead of intuition, and it can do a great difference in your employees' daily motivation at work. Do you want to know how?

Employee working from home.jpg

3 tips to increase your performance working from home

How to keep a high performance from the comfort of your own house? It's easier than what you might think!

Team talking in a meeting with a green background

Top 10 Steps to Lift the Mood and Energy Levels at the Office

The only guide you need to improve your mood and energy levels at the workplace is here. Be energetic at your office with these amazing tips!


Five tips to boost your team building culture

Would you spend 400$ per employee to make them happy at work? You don't need to! Learn the 5 tips to create a long-lasting team culture - for free!

Employees talking informally over a cup of coffee

3 steps you can’t miss to give your new employees the best start

New year, new employees... kickstart the motivation in the office!

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Template for Contests in Plecto
Dashboard design

Step-by-Step Guide: How to create an Engaging and Fun Contest

In this Step-by-Step Guide, you will learn how to create a fun and engaging contest in Plecto for your team, in no time!

example of CEO reports in Plecto.png
Dashboard design

Step-by-Step Guide: How to create an Automatic Report

Do you still write reports manually? In this easy guide, we show you how to create them automatically in a matter of seconds.

Formulas copy.jpg
Dashboard design

Step-by-step guide: How to create custom metrics in Plecto

It's so easy to create custom metrics and formulas in Plecto, that you don't even need a guide. But, just in case, you have a pretty good one here!

Computer screen displaying a Plecto dashboard.jpg
Dashboard design

What is a Dashboard? Top benefits of using it for your business

More and more businesses worldwide are turning to dashboard software to measure their KPIs and get the best insights into their performance. Wonder why?

Notification and achievement icons on the screens
Dashboard design

June's Plecto App-dates: New notification and achievement icons!

June's App-dates are here! New notification and new achievement icons to scale up your employees' engagement - do you want to walk the extra mile with your dashboard design?

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Black Friday with Plecto.jpg
About Plecto

How to get ready for Black Friday with Plecto

Get ready for Black Friday by optimizing your Plecto dashboard just in time for one of the busiest times of the year!

Plecto for CEOs.png
About Plecto

Plecto: The dashboard solution for CEOs

Discover why Plecto is the best dashboard solution for CEOs worldwide - do you want to try?

Success Story of the Month, Mads Fosselius.png
About Plecto

"I started working on my dream project at the age of 35"

Mads Fosselius, CEO and Co-founder at Dixa, shares his life experiences and his personal growth with us.

Frederikke Schmidt - Success Story of September
About Plecto

“Being a woman is almost always used against me”

In the interview, Frederikke talks about the ups and downs of being a female entrepreneur

Success Story of August - Martin Bjørn Madsen.jpg
About Plecto

"My ambition took me to 5 years of not being honest with myself"

Martin Bjørn talked with Plecto about his career path, ups and downs, and the learnings gathered along the way.

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Product3 (1).jpg

How to Create Customer Experience (CX) Dashboards


Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce and Plecto

Pipedrive - integration of the month.png

Track your success with Pipedrive and Plecto

Discover the benefits of using Pipedrive data on Plecto for your business, and involve your employees in the process!

HubSpot interface.png

Grow your business with HubSpot and Plecto

Read more about Plecto's integration to HubSpot, and discover the benefits of combining them to optimize your business!


Increase your support team’s performance & motivation with Dixa

Dixa now lets you import your realtime data straight into Plecto!

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Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.