SaaS dashboards to give you an overview of your key data

Integrate your SaaS data into Plecto automatically

Plecto has 100+ integrations with the biggest SaaS systems whatever the department. Easily select the data you want to import and create a SaaS metrics dashboard that showcases the performance of your business.

Combine SaaS analytics from different systems in one place

Get the best overview of your key activities and vital insights by having your relevant data in the same place. Tailor the dashboard to your business’ needs, and follow it in real-time.

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Identify your SaaS company’s growth-levers

Share key data and SaaS KPIs with your stakeholders

Plecto dashboards make it easier than ever to share your key information with your stakeholders inside and outside the organization. Enable them to follow your growth with intuitive insights into your historical and real-time data.

Department-centric SaaS dashboards for a complete overview

Create a dashboard per department for a complete overview of your team’s key performance data. It helps promote cooperation across departments and stay on top of the changes and opportunities in the market.

Discover the most relevant KPIs for SaaS businesses

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Empower your team with unique gamification options

Motivate your employees with instant recognition

Promote a transparent culture by displaying your employees’ achievements. Badges, leaderboards, personalized notifications… Options are endless to increase your team’s engagement!

Stay on top of your SaaS KPIs with personalized widgets

Make your organization more cohesive to your employees by displaying the relevant KPIs for the entire team. Enhance the high-performance benefits by showing your employee’s progress with personalized widgets.

Make it fun to be at work with instant notifications

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Keep your stakeholders informed with automatic SaaS reports

Create relevant reports in a matter of minutes

Empower your decision-making based on the latest data! Select the KPIs that you want to report to your different stakeholders, and create the report automatically in just a few clicks. Receive it done in your email, in PowerPoint or Excel format.

Generate SaaS customer-centric reports for your meetings

Use Plecto’s predictive data to focus your reports on the customers’ ecosystem. Easily explain your performance and accelerate success by bringing relevant reports to your meetings.

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Increase your team’s motivation with friendly competition

Create fun contests across-locations

Select the KPI that you want to boost in a specific department, and easily create a fun contest for them. Promote cooperation among colleagues and enhance a data-driven SaaS culture.

Follow your team’s progress in real-time

Display the contest on your dashboards and involve all your departments in the performance. A friendly competition vibe will keep your team motivated and ready to succeed!

All you need to know about personalized contests

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How it works

1. Connect your data sources

One-click real-time integration with our dashboards to the most popular CRM, support and other business systems.

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2. Build dashboards

Use our prebuilt KPI dashboards or customize your own by using formulas to calculate more advanced metrics.

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3. Boost team performance

Share real-time insights with your team and boost performance by 20% with visualizing data on dashboards.

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Explore Plecto's features

Real-time Dashboards

Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office.

Real-time Reports

Save time with live, automated reports.

Performance Agreements

Set targets for each employee and follow progress in real-time.

Build Custom KPIs

Choose the KPIs that suit your custom needs.


Spark motivation and a healthy culture of competition.