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4 Ways to Supercharge Employee Performance with Plecto

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Looking to reach new levels of business success? Want to harness your employees' potential? Struggling to optimize your company's operations? You've probably pondered these questions and more. Luckily we're on hand. It's a cliche, but at Plecto we really do believe that the teamwork does make the dream work and that great team synergy is the key to achieving supercharging business performance.

But just how do you achieve this? We've put together 4 simple steps to help supercharge employee performance.

Why is boosting employee performance important?

Employee development is not just a buzzword - it is a vital tool that can transform your business. Investing in the development of your employees is the key to achieving incredible results and company success. Consider the following advantages:

  • Increased productivity: If employees are given the opportunity to learn and develop, they will be more productive, efficient and confident in their role.
  • Boosted morale: Employees need to feel valued and appreciated, which increases motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Higher retention rates: Satisfied employees who feel valued are be more likely to stay at the company.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: If employees have the right skills and competencies, they will be more likely to provide high-quality service to customers.
  • Higher revenue: Skilled and knowledgeable employees will help optimize processes, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Want to learn the specifics? Read on to discover the 4 different ways that Plecto can supercharge your team's performance.

4 ways to supercharge your employee's performance

1. Get personalized performance insights with Dynamic Dashboards

Our first performance-boosting feature on the list is Dynamic Dashboards. But just what is a Dynamic Dashboard and what makes it "Dynamic"? Here, you can build one dashboard that automatically adjusts depends on who's viewing it. For instance, if you are responsible for a team of 100+ plus employees, the widgets change, enabling employees to see exactly how they are performing. Once a dashboard is "Dynamic", you can easily switch between viewing individual and team KPIs.

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How do Dynamic Dashboards boost employee performance?

  • Empowers employees: By embracing data transparency, team members feel empowered to take it upon themselves to focus on activities and or areas that need improvement.
  • Makes data more accessible: employees will know exactly where they stand regarding their KPIs, making them more likely to be motivated to outperform their targets.
  • Saves managers significant amount of time: don’t get overwhelmed with creating hundreds of individual dashboards for every employee! You will be able to access any employee's performance data with just a few clicks.

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2. Motivate and excite your employees with our performance-powering Reward Store!

Motivation is a crucial factor in fostering employee growth, and that's precisely where our Reward Store comes in. Here, employees earn virtual coins for successfully completing activities and are then able to spend them on real-world activities of their choosing! The prizes you decide on are completely up to you, whether it's gift cards, cinema tickets or something else!

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How does the Reward Store boost employee performance?

  • Raise motivation: Harness the motivating-boosting Reward Store to energize your team and get the competitive juices flowing.
  • Recognition for hard work: Let's be honest, we all love a prize. Dangle a carrot (or a slightly better prize) in front of your employees & they'll race towards it.
  • Increased employee productivity: Employees who are more motivated and engaged with what they do are more likely to take on challenging assignments that can foster their development.

3. Step up your coaching with one-on-one meetings!

Swap up your small talk while grabbing coffee and start holding regular and effective one-on-one meetings with Plecto. You can't expect employees to be the finished article, so investing in continuous employee development is a must.You, as a manager, can build 1:1 templates that can be used to drive the development of your employees. This will help you keep track of your meetings, along with setting targets that you can routinely go back to.

One-on-ones should be seen as a collaborative process, whereby employee and manager agree beforehand what should be covered and what the goals should be.If held correctly, one-on-ones are a win-win. Employees will feel more energized and valued while managers will reap the reward of improved performance.

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How do One-on-ones boost employee performance?

  • Employees who feel valued: Employees don't want to feel like just another cog in the wheel. By investing in their development you provide them with skills that they can carry with them throughout their career.
  • Enhanced (hard & soft) skills: Prioritize your one-on-ones in areas where employees need to develop and watch them fill in the gaps.

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4. Boost knowledge sharing with quizzes!

Are you seeking an engaging and fun way to increase your team's knowledge sharing? With Plecto's Quizzes feature, you can easily create engaging quizzes that boost your employees' knowledge and skills, helping them stay motivated and engaged.

In particular, the quiz feature can be a great tool for new employee onboarding. You can quickly assess your employees' skill levels and pinpoint their areas for development to ensure that they are prepared to carry out their duties.

However, quizzes aren’t just for onboarding and are a great tool for ongoing training and development too! For example, if you have regular product updates, it is a good idea to educate, and then assess how much of this your employees have taken on board.

Quizzes also don't have to be simply straightforward questions and answers. For example, with Plecto, you can gamify your quizzes in any way you like, from multiple-choice questions to matching pairs and even including pictures!

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How do Quizzes boost employee performance?

  • Ensure everyone's on the same page regarding company knowledge: processes change, and new products are released, so bring employees up to speed with any updates.
  • Smoother onboarding: Use quizzes during the onboarding process to assess how well new hires are absorbing all the new information.
  • Make learning FUN: Developing new skills and gaining new knowledge doesn't have to feel like being back in the classroom.

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