For Sales teams

Recognize immediately

Acknowledge success by displaying notifications of your sales representatives on TVs around the office when they close a deal. Want more bang for your bucks? Take it to the next level with personal YouTube-videos, Phillips Hue lights reactions and notifications in your Slack channels.

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"It has helped our team reach our Goals by simply displaying sales for day to day. This is making the internal competition better by visualising the performance live."

Markus Kolstad Mathisen

Account Sales Manager

Sales dashboard notification of Olivia who just won a deal for 100000
For Customer Service teams

Instant feedback from clients to agents

Share good ratings and feedback on dashboards around the office as soon as they are submitted by your customers, or recognize each employee for saving a customer from churning. Let them know they did a great job!  

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"Our customer satisfaction is extremely important for us, that's also one of the reasons why we have Plecto in our customer service. I would definitely recommend Plecto to anyone who is to scale up their company"

Kasper Ulrich

CEO & Co-founder

Shaping New Tomorrow
Instant Notifications for Customer Service teams
For Product Teams

Recognize your top performers

We know firsthand there's often a lack of recognition towards developers. With notifications, we provide you with an opportunity to give the rest of your organization insight into your progress by displaying notifications when developers deploy new updates to the product.

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Developer team notification on a dashboard with text: Just deployed "Custom mapping"!
For Marketing teams

Stay on top of your campaigns

Get notified when performance goes below a certain threshold both overall and for specific campaigns. This allows you to react much faster to campaigns performances and allocate your ad spend accordingly.

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"Plecto allows me to see which channels are performing and which channels are not. This makes it easy for us to adjust our marketing efforts in real time. Now we are more efficient and motivated."

Troels Johansson


Push notification in Plecto mobile app

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Real-time Dashboards

Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office.

Real-time Reports

Save time with live, automated reports.

Performance Agreements

Set targets for each employee and follow progress in real-time.

Build Custom KPIs

Choose the KPIs that suit your custom needs.


Spark motivation and a healthy culture of competition.