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4 Ways to Align Sales and CS Blog Header Plecto.png
Sales performance

4 Simple Ways to Align Your Sales & Customer Success Teams

Learn four easy ways to align sales and CS teams. Find out what happens when they exist in a vacuum, and how they can help each other achieve new levels of customer success!

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4 Ways to Align Sales and CS Blog Header Plecto.png
Sales performance

4 Simple Ways to Align Your Sales & Customer Success Teams

Learn four easy ways to align sales and CS teams. Find out what happens when they exist in a vacuum, and how they can help each other achieve new levels of customer success!

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Sales performance

10 Outbound Sales KPIs To Track Now – and Why Outbound Still Matters!

Think that outbound's out? Think again. Learn 3 ways to modernize your outbound sales strategy, and why data-driven outbound is so important. Read the full article to find out how to fine-tune your outbound sales strategy – starting with these 10 outbound sales KPIs every sales team needs to be tracking! 🫵

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Sales performance

How Sales Leaderboards Help Your Team Perform Even Better

Discover why top-performing workplaces use sales leaderboards. Plus get a step-by-step guide on how to build high-impact sales dashboards and leaderboards that engage employees, supercharge motivation, ignite competition, and boost revenue! 🏆

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Sales performance

3 Steps to Boost Your Team's Sales Performance & How to Implement Them

Discover 3 simple steps proven to improve sales performance. Understand why most successful sales organizations are data-driven, learn the 5 benefits of visualizing KPIs, and uncover 4 crucial steps to successful sales coaching!

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Sales performance

10 Inbound Sales KPIs Your Team Needs – and Why Inbound Really Matters!

Learn the 3 simple ways to start building your inbound sales strategy, why the most successful organizations are data-driven, and the 10 inbound sales KPIs your team needs to be tracking!

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Sales performance

Why Sales Coaching with Real-Time Data Matters

Sales reps often say that they aren’t getting the support they need to hit their targets. Many managers take coaching very seriously, investing a lot of time and effort – but with lackluster results. Find out why sales coaching with real-time data matters, and learn how you can use real-time data in your sales coaching to motivate your sales reps and get them performing like never before!

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Sales performance

21 Sales KPIs You Should Be Tracking — with Examples!

Tracking the right sales KPIs is one of the first and most important steps to building a performance-driven sales culture in your organization. These 21 sales KPI examples will set you on the path to success.

100 Key Performance Indicator
Sales performance

100 Key Performance Indicators

The 100 most important KPIs for Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support, and Development.

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Sales performance

3 steps to integrate email marketing into the customer journey

Your email marketing strategy is not converting your prospects? Maybe you are not following these 3 essential steps to optimize your customer journey through email!

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Sales performance

4 factors to analyze in your company’s sales funnel

In order for you to have an analytical look at your sales pipeline and extract relevant information for your business, we have listed the 4 main factors you want to take care of!

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Sales performance

The 3 steps to bring your Marketing and Sales teams together

Marketing and Sales departments have more in common than you might think, and promoting collaboration across these teams can boost your business performance.

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Sales performance

Top 5 KPIs that every Marketing team should measure

It’s about time to boost those marketing departments and help them focus on getting back on their feet from inside out.

Sales team having a training together
Sales performance

The 3 types of sales training that every company should invest in

Train your sales team with the most updated methods to ensure an efficient contact with your potential and current clients.

improve your CRM system's performance with Plecto and webCRM
Sales performance

3 tips to optimise your CRM system's potential

Providing the best service is the motto in the Sales and Support departments, but there are many other small factors that can make a difference in your performance.

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Sales performance

Quantity vs Quality: How to Have More Meaningful Sales Interactions

Is more always better? Not when it comes to leads! Read our guest blog to optimize your sales contacts - also working from home!

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Sales performance

5 very useful tools for your Inbound Marketing

We have gathered together 5 very useful tools that will help you save time and boost your Inbound Marketing strategy. Want to know more?

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Sales performance

The 3 most asked questions about the salesperson and their KPIs

Find here the answer to the top 3 most asked questions about salespeople, and the 3 best KPIs to measure their performance.

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Sales performance

What you should know about OKRs to optimize your business

Get to know more about OKR’s framework and give it a try in your organization!

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Sales performance

Reach Your Business Objectives Before New Year!

Get some tips on achieving objectives and closing the year in the most efficient way.

SaaS KPIs Plecto Blog
Sales performance

The 10 Best SaaS KPIs You Need to Track in 2022

Every SaaS business is different, but here are the 10 most important SaaS KPIs that every SaaS company should be measuring in 2022.

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Sales performance

How to Engage your Team in a Data-Driven Performance Culture

In this blog, we are talking about why you should embrace those data-driven conversations focuses on how you can create an engaging atmosphere.

Plecto dashboard displaying JumpStory data
Sales performance

How to create high performing visual content

In collaboration with JumpStory we have done a blog post about the importance of visual content to increase performance.

A marketing and sales team working together in a meeting
Sales performance

6 Great Ways to Bring Marketing and Sales Together

In this blog, we are talking all things integrated selling. Find out what integrated sales is and how to successfully integrate your marketing and sales departments for better results.

Salesperson looking at a Plecto dashboard
Sales performance

5 Dashboards Your Salespeople Need to Sell More

In this blog post, we'll be discussing the five sales dashboards your salespeople need in order to sell more. Get inspired and learn what KPIs and metrics you need to include on your sales funnel dashboard, executive sales dashboard or sales pipeline dashboard.

Manager checking the time
Sales performance

12 Tips for Time Management for Successful CEOs

Do you often feel there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Nearly every manager and CEO feels the same. Time management can be a tricky skill to perfect, so to make things a little easier we've gathered 12 time management tips used by successful CEOs.

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Sales performance

The Salesperson's Guide to GDPR

Discover the impact GDPR has on sales and download our free guide on how to navigate the GDPR in sales.

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Sales performance

6 Reasons Why You Need an Excel Alternative

Tired and bored of using Excel spreadsheets? We've collected 6 reasons to show why 2018 is the year you find an Excel alternative. We have also provided you with some great Excel alternatives for sales, marketing, project management and accounting.

Phone screen showing social apps
Sales performance

Social selling: Improve your sales performance

Find out everything you need to know about social selling. This includes why it's important, how to do it effectively, social selling tools and tips, some real-world examples and finally, how dashboards can help you with social selling.

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Sales performance

The 6 Sales Trends You Need to Know for 2018

Find out the 6 huge sales trends you need to know for 2018. This post covers B2C and B2B sales trends like generating leads without cold calling!

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Sales performance

5 Best KPIs for Telemarketing and Call Centers

Get the 5 best call center KPIs and metrics and learn how to visualize your performance metrics on call center dashboards.

Best bloggers to improve your sales
Sales performance

6 tips from famous blogs to increase your sales

Improve your sales knowledge with several bloggers, recommended by Plecto.

Sales performance

3 Ways Plecto Can Improve Your Next Sales Contest

Learn how much more you can do with Plecto, than just visualizing your KPIs.

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Sales performance

5 Things to Consider Before You Start Social Selling

We have a few really good tips for you before you start selling your products online. Read more here!

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Sales performance

5 Unique Team-Building Activities to Energize Your Employees

Have you run out of the ideas on how to motivate your team? We have 5 suggestions for you that will boost your team's energy!

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Sales performance

5 Effective Tips to Motivate Your Sales Team

We bring you the 5 definite tips to engage your sales team on their performance, on a daily basis!

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Sales performance

Compete Against Yourself

With our new powerful feature, you can measure and compare your performance data to the last time period.

Example of Performance Agreements in Plecto
Sales performance

How to motivate & improve your sales performance

Visualize your KPIs and watch how Plecto engages your employees for better performance.

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Sales performance

Boost Performance with Plecto and Salesforce

Read more about what Plecto combined together with Salesforce can do for your business' performance.

Woman drawing a sketch in a whiteboard
Sales performance

Choosing the right CRM

Choosing the right CRM system is essential when you want to grow your sales team. Learn more about it here!

A tablet displaying a Plecto dashboard
Sales performance

How to Develop a High-Performance Culture

Read more about how to use dashboards to implement a high-performance culture in your company.

Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.