Track your media KPIs in real-time

Media dashboards enable publications to centralize and track the metrics that are critical to their business operations. As traditional media outlets shift their focus from print to digital, this enables newspapers, magazines and other publications to get far better insight into their performance.

Likewise, as many publications have moved to a subscription-based model, a whole new set of KPIs has emerged that are key to managing your operations, focusing on subscriber acquisition and reader retention.

Media Subscriptions Overview Dashboard

What's great about this dashboard?

This dashboard gets straight to the point when it comes to a publication's performance. It's what is referred to as a strategic dashboard - focusing on high-level, "big picture" KPIs.

So, while this is essential viewing for sales execs and revenue managers, board members will also gain value. This dashboard makes use of conditional colors, enabling viewers to easily identify which KPIs are on track and which still need work to do.