Business dashboard software that fuels motivation

Plecto is a business dashboard software for tracking KPIs and business performance in real-time across any screen or device.

Visualize KPIs

Visualize your data and keep track of your KPIs on dashboards on any screen.

Engage teams

Motivate and engage your employees with gamification in business on dashboards.

Coach employees

Coach your team with performance agreements and 1-on-1 (beta) inside Plecto.

Motivate with business dashboards

Transform the way you motivate your employees with business dashboards that engage your team. Openly recognize achievements across the office and engage your employees with gamification. Motivated employees perform better and Plecto is what engages them.

Visualize your data on customized KPI dashboards

It is easy to get started. Simply add your data source and start visualizing your data and KPIs on business performance dashboards with Plecto. You can integrate Plecto with your current business systems or input data manually with just a few clicks.  It is also possible to add data to your dashboards in Excel or by using SQL, Zapier or our API.

Companies perform better with Plecto

"Plecto is fundamental for achieving high performance. We track sales on real-time business dashboards and spark a culture that ignites team motivation."
Mads Harbo Jakobsen
Head of Sales, General Market at G4S
"You feel empowered by the data on the KPI dashboards displayed on the TV screen, and you feel like you can accomplish even more than you expected."
Daniel Figueiredo
Sales & Support Project Analyst at Pipedrive

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Experience Plecto and discover how our business dashboard software can increase your performance. It is free to try Plecto and there are no strings attached.