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E-conomic: Much More Than Accounting

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e-conomic is one of the +50 integrations that allows you to import your relevant data directly into Plecto. Here you have everything you need to know about e-conomic & Plecto integration!

e-conomic is a cloud-based accounting software – but we are really much more than that.

e-conomic will help you manage your bookkeeping and is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as accountants and bookkeepers. Actually, we are the preferred accounting system among accountants and, with more than 130.000 customers, e-conomic is the most popular choice for a wide range of businesses. 

The many features in e-conomic give you a complete overview of the finances of your company and help you make your business more efficient and profitable. Here are 4 reasons why e-conomic should be your new accounting software: 

1. All-round administration with apps and integrations

We know that one size does not fit all. And given the different needs related to specific industries, having just one default setting for your accounting system isn’t going to work. Luckily, this is an easy fix with e-conomic.  

With more than 250 apps and integrations available, the possibilities are endless. The integrations allow you to tailor your accounting system exactly to your needs. By connecting different elements of your administration you can optimize your time and automate your daily routine tasks. Adding extra features and functionalities to your accounting software can be a lifesaver – especially for small businesses with scarce resources. 

By integrating your bookkeeping with your other administrative tools like POS, salary, and webshop, everything is all in one place in e-conomic. 

Furthermore, the e-conomic app for mobile and tablet will allow you to access the system anytime, anywhere. The flexibility that comes with a cloud based accounting software lets you do your bookkeeping on the go, which ensures a better financial overview and liquidity for your business. 

Blog - e-conomic app on different devices

2.  Accounting for all – from basic to complex needs

e-conomic is suitable for almost all businesses, no matter what type or size they may have. The subscriptions are tailored to needs, not size, which is why you will find that even though you might be a big company, you may not need the biggest package – and vice versa. You can choose between 3 subscriptions, depending on your needs:


Our startup subscription is our most basic offering, perfectly suitable for small businesses with few postings and a simple financial structure/need. This subscription has no add-ons included but is a great choice if you only need the most fundamental features to make sure your bookkeeping checks out right.

Small Business

The Small Business subscription is our most popular offering. This one is for startups and entrepreneurs as well as small and medium sized businesses with up to 2000 postings each year. It includes all the same things as the Startup subscription but this package also includes extra features such as automatic bank reconciliation, orders, quotes, and reminders.  


This subscription is our most advanced option. This one is for businesses with many bookings or the need for extra features in their bookkeeping. The membership includes a few add-ons such as Dimension and Budget, that will help you optimize your business processes and give you a better overview of your finances and automated workflows.

"E-conomic creates incredible value for us. We save a lot of time because the processes are automated - especially when it comes to invoicing."

Christian Harboe

CEO & Founder at Blacksnow ApS

3. Comprehensive support universe

You can get so much more out of e-conomic by exploring our support universe. We offer a wide range of online courses and webinars that guide you through the basic features of the system and the e-conomic add-ons. All online courses are live, which means you can ask our instructors all the questions you want from the comfort of your own home. 

If that is not enough, we also do several on-location courses and events throughout the year. Our Academy courses cover all aspects of accounting and our e-conomic experts will take you through everything from basic bookkeeping for beginners to year-end and VAT.

What makes these courses extra great is the focus on optimization and automation of work processes. We believe in a digital future that allows for automated processes that free up time and save money in the long run. Also, it makes accounting super smart and easy!

And of course, we have an amazing team of supporters that provide our customers with free and unlimited  Danish support via phone and chat every single day.

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"If we have any questions or doubts at all, we can always get help from someone at e-conomic, either through the chat in the program or by calling their support."

Mette Jensen

Bookkeeper at TVIS Vognmandsforretning

4. Easy onboarding

Getting started with e-conomic is super easy. If you are already using another accounting system, we will make sure that all your data is transferred to e-conomic – free of charge. All you have to do is just sign up. 

If you want to try out e-conomic before committing to it, you can take a trial period of 14 days, no strings attached. 

The system has all the features you need to keep track of your financial accounting, making managing your bookkeeping super easy – also without a degree in accounting. 

Even if you need help keeping everything in order, your accountant is able to access your account remotely and easily, simply by accessing your bookkeeping from their own e-conomic account. This feature is one of the reasons why e-conomic is the preferred accounting program among accountants, since they are able to navigate their clients’ accounts and stay up to date with everything that goes on.


Technical Presales Specialist at e-conomic

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