Dynamic Dashboards will save you hundreds of hours

Are you managing a big team? Say goodbye to creating hundreds of dashboards manually. Simply create one dashboard that will automatically adjust based on the employee.

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"Through visualization, Plecto has helped improve the company culture. We now experience a much better buy-in from our employees who take responsibility for the company’s key results. There’s a great team focus on ”getting the numbers green” by achieving targets."

Anders Eiler

CSO for eCommerce at team.blue

Seamless dashboard management

Taking on new team members? Shifting the organization of the teams? Dynamic Dashboards make managing your employees' KPIs a breeze.

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How do Dynamic Dashboards work?

Dynamic dashboards automatically tailor the data shown to the team member that's viewing it.

Build one Dynamic Dashboard

Have 100 employees on your team? Simply create one Dynamic Dashboard that will show personalized KPIs based on the employee. Not bad, right?

Switch between team and individual view

Employees can seamlessly switch between individual and team performance views to keep tabs on their contributions to the team.

Flexible data management

Enjoy greater flexibility when managing your dashboards - especially when employees join or leave the team.

Empower your employees

Propel your employees toward success with individualized insights. Dynamic Dashboards give your team members a clear performance overview and foster a culture of accountability and success!

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"With this data visualization, you get an awareness throughout the whole organization, that we’re actually running towards the same goals, which would be impossible without Plecto."

Joachim Ankerstjerne

Data Analyst at Jyske Fynske Medier

Personalization powers motivation

Dynamic Dashboards enable employees to be able to see the impact of their individual contributions on team performance, encouraging them to go the extra mile and achieve even greater results!

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Real-time Dashboards

Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office.

Real-time Reports

Save time with live, automated reports.

Performance Agreements

Set targets for each employee and follow progress in real-time.

Build Custom KPI's

Choose the KPIs that suit your custom needs.


Spark motivation and a healthy culture of competition.

Instant Notifications

Recognize and celebrate success as it happens.


Get access to both the Reward Store and Contests with Gamification+

Coaching and Training

Elevate employee development with One-on-ones and Quizzes

TV Dashboards