Celebrate milestones with achievements and badges

Celebrate milestones with award badges

Award your employees' accomplishments in a fun and visual way with custom-made achievements. Increase the motivation among your employees by celebrating every success with personalised badges for each employee.

Personalized achievement badges for employees in Plecto

Create achievements for your employees

Personalized badges on Plecto dashboard

Recognise your employees' efforts by awarding them with a personalized achievement. The badge will appear next to their names on the Plecto dashboard for the period of time that you decide, so all your team can celebrate every individual success in your company.

Create custom-made awards for your team

There are endless reasons to celebrate with your employees! Create as many personalised badges as you want: employee of the month, most deals closed in the week, best rating from customers... Decide the awards that best fit with your company culture, and start awarding your team!

How to use Achievements to engage your team

Employee celebrating an achievement

"Through gamification and visualization, Plecto has helped improve the company culture. We now experience a much better buy-in from our employees who take responsibility for the company’s key results. There’s a great team focus on ”getting the numbers green” by achieving targets. The increased engagement and motivation help us reach ambitious goals."

Anders Eiler

CSO for E-commerce, team.blue

Learn how team.blue motivates their employees

Boost your culture with fun badges across teams

Increase your employees motivation

Don't limit your badges to work-related achievements. Be creative and boost your employees motivation with fun badges like "best mood spreader", "best joke of the week", or "brought cake today". Integrate your culture also in your Plecto design, and scale up your dashboard.

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries

Give an extra treat to your employees for their birthday or anniversary at the company. You can easily create a personalized badge with the text that you choose, and all your employees will see it on the dashboard for the chosen period of time.

Combine it with more gamification options

Examples of personalised achievement badges on Plecto dashboard

Create and award badges in a matter of seconds

Easy to create, even easier to award

Select the icon that you like the most, and include the text that will explain the reason for the badge. Choose the employee that will be awarded, and the period of time that you want the achievement to be valid for. And that's it! The achievement will now appear next to the employees' name on your dashboard.

As many badges as reasons to celebrate

There is no limit to the amount of badges that you can give to your employees. As long as there is a reason to celebrate, there is a badge to reflect the achievement. Start promoting achievements across teams, and make everyone part of it.

Example of how to create a badge on Plecto dashboard

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