Improving performance and bridging the gap between departments in PL & Partners

PL & Partners are on a rapid growth journey. Every year they expand their team with 25%, while their yearly revenue growth rate is between 50-100%. Since 2017, has PL & Partners used Plecto, and with the implementation, they experienced an increase in transparency, motivation, and performance.

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Plecto case study with Shaping New Tomorrow

A cross-department solution to boost performance in the growth company, Shaping New Tomorrow

Shaping New Tomorrow has used Plecto to create a full overview across departments and to improve motivation and boost sales. Watch the video and read the case study to learn how you can do the same.

Plecto customer case study with Pipedrive

KPI dashboards for Pipedrive

We helped Pipedrive with displaying their KPIs for sales and support on TV dashboards across their office, so they could discover the benefits of using dashboards.


Engaging Dashboards to improve motivation and performance in Nets

Watch and read about how Plecto became the main tool for Nets to visualize their performance, and how we helped them to motivate the team and improve performance.

Plecto customer case study with Team blue dashboard overview

A full overview of KPI's for

Learn how the tech giant,, the parent company of seven different cloud and hosting brands, raised employee motivation and created transparency throughout the whole organization.

Plecto customer case study with Trendday

E-commerce dashboards for Trendday

Trendday uses e-commerce dashboards displayed on TV screens across their office to increase transparency in their business and also motivate and engage their staff.

Plecto customer case study with Dyrenes Beskyttelse dashboard

How to boost the performance in Animal Protection Denmark

The Danish-based NGO Animal Protection uses Plecto to improve engagement, team atmosphere, and performance to support fulfilling their purpose to help animals in need.

Plecto customer case study with Firmafon

Relatel got motivated with the right sales dashboards

Relatel have created a sales dashboard in Plecto that allows them to track sales KPIs in real-time and increases knowledge sharing across the sales team.

Plecto customer case study with POS Nation

How POS Nation Uses Performance Data to Motivate Employees

From sales reps to support technicians, POS Nation monitors real-time dashboards throughout the workday. What started as a simple social experiment has now generated tangible productivity improvements for the company.


We helped Hungry reducing business reporting with data visualization

Hungry use Plecto to get a real-time business performance overview across their different locations. By doing so, they have been able to reduce reporting time by visualizing business performance.

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Förebygg saves working hours, engages sales team and increases business performance

“We're saving at least 8 hours a day just on team leaders not having to organize and gather data manually. On top of that, if we look at all the data we're now visualizing—including monthly and yearly overviews—Plecto saves us a full-time employee every month!” Johan Hilding CEO and Co-Founder, Förebygg

Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.