Case Summary


  • Needed a way to visualize customer service tickets from 8 different channels all in one place


  • Plecto Real-Time Dashboards
  • Mobile app & phone widgets


  • Reduced customer response time by 50%
  • Achieved a yearly growth of 100% online

Company Background

From its roots in Norway, REMA 1000 (part of the Norweigan REITAN Group) has maintained its value-driven ethos and imprinted itself as one of Scandinavia’s leading grocery store chains. Since 1995, its 14,000+ employees have been providing excellent customer service across 364 stores in Denmark, and as such, was awarded the 2022 Retail Customer Loyalty Award.

REMA 1000 has continued to elevate its service delivery to new heights with the support of Plecto in recent years.


Lennart Thomsen, System Responsible at REMA 1000, explains the challenge customer service agents were faced with: “We use around 8 different channels, so we needed to visualize our data, particularly how many tickets we had. So we can see how many Facebook posts we need to reply to, how many chats, phones, and so forth.”


In line with the number of partner stores and customers that REMA 1000 serves, the retail distribution giant maintains a strong presence across 8 support channels. Plecto proved to solve this challenge by allowing REMA 1000 to integrate all this data and display it on real-time data dashboards:

"These teams are looking at their KPIs in a ton of different systems, so it's much easier for them to check all the data all in one place… in Plecto!"

Lennart Thomsen

System Responsible at REMA 1000

Dashboards to directly identify where attention is needed

Lennart explains, “We use Plecto as a here-and-now picture to be able to really easily and quickly get an insight into how we’re operating right now. So we see exactly where we should focus our attention. From the dashboards, our agents can see where the assignments pile up, and what channel it's piling up on.”

And the best part? Because this information is visible and accessible to the agents, the proud manager says that “there’s no leading, they do it by themselves!”

REMA 1000 Dashboard 1 English.png

The real-time channel-changing cheatsheet (especially during COVID-19)

Dashboards, therefore, helped “make sure our agents know where the task is – Facebook, Zendesk tickets, email, phone, etc. So they can see where the task is the biggest that requires the most or quickest attention. So if there is no line on the phone, they jump into chat, or they jump into Facebook, or something else. So all our employees are jumping from channel to channel, in order to reduce our response time.”

The grocery retailer’s customer service and support teams found this to be a “very big help during COVID” as employees were “able to just look at a dashboard from Plecto and see, ‘I need to be on chat now’ or ‘I can see the phone line is getting bigger, so I’m jumping in there’…” that was extremely useful for us,” continues Lennart.

Because of the real-time nature of Plecto, the mobile app has proved to make performance a piece of cake for even the busiest of managers, like Lennart: “I’m using the phone widgets as I’m always on the go or going between meetings. So for me just to check a widget on my phone and see that everything’s fine… it’s a big help for me!”

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Reaping the rewards of faster response times

Transferring employees between channels according to ticket or activity levels saw customer success soar for REMA 1000. They reported reducing response time by an incredible 5 minutes! The current average is around 3 minutes.

For Lennart, this means more than just agent efficiency. “That’s not the only value, the value is for our customer success. We answer the customer quicker and the response is better…"


Customer Service
Call Centers

Integrations used with Plecto

Google Analytics Google Analytics Telia ACE Telia ACE Zendesk Chat Zendesk Chat Zendesk Support Zendesk Support

"Our response time has improved a lot since using Plecto. We went from around 5 or 6 minutes to approximately half a minute to 1.5 minutes now."

Lennart Thomsen Profile.png

Lennart Thomsen

System Responsible at REMA 1000

Results at a Glance


Reduction in customer service call response time

3 minutes

Customers wait time reduced by 3 minutes


Yearly growth rate achieved by REMA 1000 Online


In keeping with their name, the numbers spoke for themselves for REMA 1000.

The company’s response time improved by an incredible 50%, responding 3 minutes quicker.

"Our response time has improved a lot since using Plecto. We went from around 5 or 6 minutes to at times half a minute, and approximately 3 minutes now."

Lennart Thomsen

And the impact was seen beyond employee productivity. As a result of answering customers' inquiries more efficiently and effectively, REMA 1000 experienced that customers were buying more, too!

Plus, the grocery retail titan achieved a yearly growth rate of 100% in their online sector as a result of boosting their service efficiency.

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We are committed to data privacy. All dashboard images in this blog post have been provided by our customer, REMA 1000. Names, identification photos, and some data have been altered for security. Plecto does not access customer dashboards without written consent.

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