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1 to 1 meetings 1.png

How to Make 1 to 1 Meetings More Impactful

Looking for new ways to nurture your employees? 1 to 1 meetings are a vital tool for boosting employee engagement and developing your employees' skillset. In this blog, discover our simple steps to holding impactful 1:1s that will make a big difference to your employees.

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Customer Service

A Guide to Providing Great Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry

Struggling to provide a seamless customer experience? In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you provide the best insurance customer experience!

tips for business success 1st

6 Tips to Make a Business Successful

Set up your business for success with these 6 tips and start gaining a competitive advantage now!

Recession-proof business.png
Sales performance

4 Tips to Recession Proof Your Business Performance in 2023

Learn four key tactics to recession-proof your business so you can survive this economic downturn – and thrive in the future!

Telco customer experience 1st
Customer Service

5 Ways to Provide the Best Customer Experience in the Telcom Industry

Supercharge your customer loyalty in telco with these 5 experience-enhancing methods.

Insurance 1.png
Sales performance

A Complete Guide to Increasing Sales in Insurance

Insurance selling is a complex process and requires preparation and practice. In this article, we will provide all the needed steps on boosting your insurance sales!

Reduce telecom churn blog header
Customer Service

4 Strategies to Reduce Telecom Churn

Learn 4 crucial strategies to reduce telecom churn, improve retention, and boost lifetime customer value in one of the world’s most competitive industries!

What is sales prospecting?.png
Sales performance

What is Sales Prospecting? Tips and Techniques for 2023

We’ll look at what sales prospecting is, the benefits of implementing a clear process, channels and prospecting methods someone can follow to improve their process.

Dashboard design

How to Analyze Data: A Beginner's Guide

Learn the basics of how to analyze data, including six foolproof steps to analyze data and make better-informed business decisions.

Sales Target 1.png
Sales performance

10 Best Sales Targets for 2023: How to Reach Your Sales Goals

Still having doubts about sales targets for 2023? In this article you will learn how to define and reach your sales goals using effective strategies. Discover the best sales targets for 2023 and achieve more with Plecto!

Sales sccorecard heading.png
Sales performance

How to Create a Winning Sales Scorecard: A How-to Guide to Improve Sales Performance

Find out how to create a powerful sales scorecard. Our 5 step guide will reveal the secrets to help to boost your sales!

Blog - Social selling: Improve your sales performance
Sales performance

What Is Social Selling And How To Improve Your Sales Performance

Find out everything you need to know about social selling. This includes why it's important, how to do it effectively, social selling tools and tips, some real-world examples and finally, how dashboards can help you with social selling.

sales analytics 1st
Sales performance

What is Sales Analytics and Why is it Important? A Simple Guide.

Learn the basics of sales analytics, the different types of analytics in sales, and the benefits to performing sales data analysis with our simple guide

Blog - 3 easy tricks to monitor your OKRs in Plecto - OKRs in Plecto
Dashboard design

3 Easy Tricks to Track OKRs in Plecto

Just a helping hand to shed some light on how to work with OKRs in your Plecto dashboards

Blog - The 3 most asked questions about the salesperson and their KPIs
Sales performance

The 3 Most Asked Questions About the Salesperson + How to Measure Sales Performance

Find here the answer to the top 3 most asked questions about salespeople, and the 3 best KPIs to measure their performance.

saas reviews
Customer Service

5 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business

Online business reviews are critical to your company’s long-term success. Learn 5 effective tactics to get more customer reviews for your business.

Beginner's Guide to SaaS Sales Funnel.png
Sales performance

A Beginner’s Guide to SaaS Sales Funnels

Learn the six stages of the SaaS sales funnel – and five ways you can optimize your funnel to target the right leads and increase you company’s revenue.

Blog - 3 steps to integrate email marketing into the customer journey
Sales performance

3 steps to integrate email marketing into the customer journey

Your email marketing strategy is not converting your prospects? Maybe you are not following these 3 essential steps to optimize your customer journey through email!

Customer Service

5 SaaS Customer Retention Strategies

SaaS companies wanting to thrive in the future must get serious about SaaS customer retention. Learn 5 SaaS retention strategies that you can implement today!

Blog - How to create an Automatic Report - example of CEO reports in Plecto
Dashboard design

Step-by-Step Guide: How to create an Automatic Report

Do you still write reports manually? In this easy guide, we show you how to create them automatically in a matter of seconds.

Blog - Managing Customer Retention and Churn
Customer Service

10 Tips to Reduce Churn Rate & Improve Customer Retention

Customer churn is unavoidable in business. Understand why customers churn and identify red flag behaviors within your existing customers so you retain, and prevent future cases from churning.

Blog - Customer Service Phone Rapport
Customer Service

10 Best Ways Customer Service Reps Can Build Customer Rapport

Building good customer rapport is more important than ever in modern-day customer service teams. Learn 10 effective tactics for developing customer rapport over the phone.

Blog - 3 Steps to Boost Your Team's Sales Performance & How to Implement Them
Sales performance

3 Steps to Boost Your Team's Sales Performance & How to Implement Them

Discover 3 simple steps proven to improve sales performance. Understand why most successful sales organizations are data-driven, learn the 5 benefits of visualizing KPIs, and uncover 4 crucial steps to successful sales coaching!

Beginner's guide to SaaS sales
Sales performance

Beginner's Guide to SaaS Sales

Are you new to SaaS sales? Find out how selling SaaS is different from other types of sales, and get 10 tips to help you sell SaaS like a pro!

Blog - Template for Contests in Plecto
Dashboard design

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create an Engaging and Fun Contest

In this Step-by-Step Guide, you will learn how to create a fun and engaging contest in Plecto for your team, in no time!

remote selling header.jpg
Sales performance

A Complete Guide to Remote Selling

Find out why remote sales are here to stay, the key benefits and challenges of remote selling, and learn 5 best practices for remote-selling success!

Sales performance

Just What are Sales Metrics? Here's a Comprehensive Guide

Take a more data-driven approach to sales! Learn the basics of sales performance metrics and how tracking the right sales metrics can increase revenue.

Formulas blog header
Dashboard design

Step-by-step guide: How to Create Custom Metrics in Plecto

It's so easy to create custom metrics and formulas in Plecto, that you don't even need a guide. But, just in case, you have a pretty good one here!

Blog - Quantity vs Quality: How to Have More Meaningful Sales Interactions
Sales performance

Quantity vs Quality: How to Have More Meaningful Sales Interactions

Is more always better? Not when it comes to leads! Read our guest blog to optimize your sales contacts - also working from home!

Blog - The Salesperson's Guide to GDPR
Sales performance

The Salesperson's Guide to GDPR

Discover the impact GDPR has on sales and download our free guide on how to navigate the GDPR in sales.

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