Create individual performance agreements

Follow the progress in real-time

Set individual targets for your employees for a specific KPI, and follow the progress in real-time. This allows your employees to focus on specific goals that align with the overall company vision.

Only visible for the employee-manager

The targets and progress set in the performance agreements are only visible for the specific employee and manager. It's not displayed on the dashboard, but it appears in the front page of Plecto App when the employee logs in.

Example of Performance Agreement in Plecto

Set short and long term agreements

Adapt the goals to your employees

Together with your employee, you can decide the period of time that the performance agreement will last for; a week, a month, a year... These agreements are just a simple way of keeping your employee motivated with a specific metric for a limited period.

Managers' overview of the individual targets

As a manager, you can easily have an overview of the individual performance agreements you have set for your employees. This is an easy way of following the progress and status in real-time.

Employees joining forces towards a common goal

"Plecto showed out to be an extraordinary, effective, and flexible tool which has brought us a lot of value both financially and for the motivation, employee satisfaction, and the culture in general."

Yasar Mehmood

Head of Telemarketing, Animal Protection Denmark

Define as many agreements as you need

More than one KPI at a time

Performance agreements are designed to help boost the employee's motivation with a specific KPI. But it's not limited to one KPI at a time, you can set as many agreements as you need for a certain period of time.

Edit or remove as they improve

The manager that sets the performance agreements can always edit it any time to extend the period of time, set a new target; or simply remove it if the goal has been reached before the deadline.

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Scale up your one-on-ones with performance agreements

Promote data-driven one-on-ones

Performance agreements are a great feature to use during the one-on-ones, so the manager can focus on the employees' needs more accurately. Through a data-driven conversation, they can easily agree on the KPI that needs a little boost.

Optimize your one-on-ones with this guide

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