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Call Center Management Blog Header
Customer Service

8 Call Center Management Tips You Need in 2024

Discover the 8 call center management tips that can help you motivate, encourage, and retain your reps – and provide better service to your customers!

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Retail customer service blog header
Customer Service

10 Ways to Improve Retail Customer Service

Whether you sell online, offline, or both – these 10 tactics with help improve retail customer service and deliver the experience your customers want and expect!

First Contact Resolution Blog Header

A Guide to First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Find out why first contact resolution matters, discover your ideal target FCR – and get a 4-step plan for handling complex calls without sacrificing CSAT.

Customer Lifetime Value.png

A Guide to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) + How to Calculate It

Find out why customer lifetime value (CLV) is gaining traction as one of the most important KPIs to track – and discover 3 effective tactics to help boost it!

Call Center KPIs blog header
Customer Service

10 Call Center KPIs You Need to Be Tracking

Discover the 10 call center KPIs you should be tracking if you want to keep your call center operating at peak efficiency while delivering outstanding customer service.

Call Center Abandonment Rate Blog
Customer Service

5 Strategies to Reduce Your Team's Call Abandon Rate

Reducing call abandon rates can take your call center one step closer to enhanced efficiency and higher customer satisfaction. Find out how.

Call center 1.png
Customer Service

Call Center Trends to Shape 2024

New technological advancements are shaping call centers' future. Discover upcoming call center trends and stay ahead of the game!

Customer Retention 1.png
Customer Service

7 Crucial Customer Retention Metrics for 2024

Customer retention is a critical element of long-term business success. Learn which KPIs you should track in order to increase customer retention!

Customer service 1st
Customer Service

Top 6 Customer Service Metrics You Should Measure in 2024

Trends all always changing, so find out what customer service metrics you need to track in 2024.

SMART Goals Call Center Teams Blog Header
Customer Service

5 Steps to Set SMART Goals in Your Call Center Teams

SMART goals can help your call center teams overcome challenges to productivity and performance. Here’s how to create them effectively.

CPI vs KPI blog header
Customer Service

CPI vs KPI? An Introduction to Customer Performance Indicators

Learn how to use Customer Performance Indicators alongside your to KPIs to deliver an even better customer experience.

Customer Success vs Sales blog header
Sales performance

Customer Success vs Sales - How to Achieve a Winning Combination

Discover the surprising similarities and differences between customer success vs sales – and how the right cooperation can reduce churn and increase revenue!

Data-Driven Customer Focus blog - header
Customer Service

7 Ways You Can Use Data to Make Your Business More Customer-Focused

Want to make your business more company-focused? Read our guide on how to use data effectively to improve customer focus and customer experience.

Proactive customer service #1.png
Customer Service

How to Provide Proactive Customer Service

Ensure that your customer service efforts are never on the backfoot by implementing a proactive customer service strategy.

Omnichannel Customer Experience 1
Customer Service

7 Ways to Improve the Omnichannel Customer Experience

Learn how to supercharge your customer service by providing a best-in-class omnichannel experience.

From Lost to Loyal Blog Header
Customer Service

From Lost to Loyal: Successful Strategies for Winning Back Lost Customers

Are you struggling with lost customers? Discover our seven most proven strategies for winning back lost customers in 2023 and elevate your business today.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service blog header
Customer Service

The Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service

Want to use social media to answer customers’ queries and concerns? Learn how to provide exceptional customer service on social media with these tips.

customer onboarding #2.png
Customer Service

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Onboarding

Onboarding is often customers’ first real experience with a company. Discover 9 customer onboarding best practices to help your company get it right!

Customer service automation blog header
Customer Service

Automated Customer Service: Definition, Pros, Cons, & Best Practices

Customer service automation can improve customer satisfaction and reduce support staff costs. Read our full guide with the pros, cons, and best practices to use.

customer service AI 2.png
Customer Service

The Role of AI in Customer Service

Find out how companies are harnessing the benefits of using AI in customer service to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provide better service.

customer loyalty 3
Customer Service

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is crucial to every company’s longevity. This article offers a solid definition of customer loyalty, five reasons customers stay loyal, and five actionable strategies companies can use to increase loyalty.

Insurance customer  1.png
Customer Service

A Guide to Providing Great Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry

Struggling to provide a seamless customer experience? In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you provide the best insurance customer experience!

Customer Service Obstacles 1.png
Customer Service

7 Obstacles Between You and Customer Service Success

Providing outstanding customer service is critically important for a successful business. Learn how to overcome barriers to providing effective customer service!

Reduce telecom churn blog header
Customer Service

4 Strategies to Reduce Telecom Churn

Learn 4 crucial strategies to reduce telecom churn, improve retention, and boost lifetime customer value in one of the world’s most competitive industries!

Customer Service

5 Strategies to Provide Great Telecom Customer Service

Learn five key strategies for providing convenient and personalized telecom customer service while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

saas reviews
Customer Service

5 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business

Online business reviews are critical to your company’s long-term success. Learn 5 effective tactics to get more customer reviews for your business.

Customer Service

5 SaaS Customer Retention Strategies

SaaS companies wanting to thrive in the future must get serious about SaaS customer retention. Learn 5 SaaS retention strategies that you can implement today!

Blog - Managing Customer Retention and Churn
Customer Service

10 Tips to Reduce Churn Rate & Improve Customer Retention

Customer churn is unavoidable in business. Understand why customers churn and identify red flag behaviors within your existing customers so you retain, and prevent future cases from churning.

Your Complete Guide to Customer Delight
Customer Service

Your Complete Guide to Customer Delight

Customer delight creates an outstanding customer experience and turns regular customers into delighted brand advocates. Here are 5 ways to deliver customer delight.

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