Real-time performance insights

Get informed as it happens

Stay on top of your successes and setbacks by visualizing your most important KPIs across multiple systems and departments on real-time dashboards.

Stay up to date at all times

The world doesn't stop when you are away from the office. Neither should the ability to view your team's progress. Our mobile app allows you to stay connected to your team anywhere, at all times.

Plecto dashboard over Pipeline in Salesforce

Share the overview of the business with the whole team

Combine and share data from multiple systems

Import data from your different systems across-departments onto a single dashboard, and make the overview accesible to the whole organization to follow the business performance.

Create data-driven conversation

Data is transparent and accessible for your whole team! Promote data-driven conversations among your employees and management. Encourage a transparent culture by visualising your data on the dashboards.

How to get started with a data-driven culture?


"Real-time insights have a great influence on the team because real-time data is one of the things that motivate the agents the most."

Nikolaj Boffy

Nordic Retention Team Manager, Nets

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Engage and motivate your employees, daily

Display on TV screens in the office

Forget about weekly or monthly updates on how your team is doing. With Plecto you're able to show the results in real-time on TV screens around the office.

Recognize achievements instantly

Trigger notifications on TVs, desktops, tablets or smartphones to celebrate success together as a team. Because who wouldn't like to get recognized amongst their colleagues for a job well done?

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Sales dashboard notification of Olivia who just won a deal for 100000

Build your own dashboard in just a few clicks

Choose from 200+ pre-built widgets

Set up a complete dashboard in just a few clicks with 200+ pre-built widgets. Simply connect a data source and choose from a list of popular widgets and you're good to go.

Show custom KPIs

If the pre-built widgets are not enough for your business, you can also create your own custom formulas and metrics to visualise any KPI you want to track on your dashboard.

Get inspired with our library of KPIs

Overview of pre built sales widget in Plecto

"Great visualisation of sales performance completely live. Gamification helps to encourage team culture. Visibility of performance helps to drive success."

Brandon Smith

Key Account Manager, TGS

Create unlimited dashboards and data sources

As many dashboards as you need

There are no limits to the amount of dashboard that you can create in Plecto, so you can have as many as you need for your business! And what's best, for a fixed monthly price.

Integrate to all your systems

Add as many data sources as metrics you want to visualize on your dashboard, there are no limits! Integrate all your systems into Plecto and start importing your relevant data.

Choose your systems from our integrations

Overview of a list of unlimited dashboards

Personalize the theme to match your company

Choose the theme that fits your team best

You can decide the color, logo and styling of your Plecto dashboards to make it match with your company's brand identity. Be as creative as you want, or choose from our pre-built templates and themes.

Make Plecto part of the team

Data can be fun to look at when it's displayed on Plecto. Personalize every detail of the dashboard to integrate it in your routine at work, and start promoting data-driven conversations among colleagues.

How to use gamification for your business?

Plecto Sales Dashboard

Explore more features

Real-time Reports

Save time with live, automated reports.

Performance Agreements

Set targets for each employee and follow progress in real-time.

Build Custom KPIs

Choose the KPIs that suit your custom needs.


Spark motivation and a healthy culture of competition.