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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create an Engaging and Fun Contest

Blog - Template for Contests in Plecto

Contests are one of the star features of our gamification options in Plecto. They are fun and engaging for the whole team, and a great method to skyrocket your KPIs. 

Organizations use it to boost a department’s performance with a specific goal, or to challenge teams across locations - and it’s fun for all your employees to follow the contest in real-time  and join the friendly competition spirit. 

Contests trigger our inner need for competing, becoming better, and let’s also admit it, our inner need for winning. They raise our motivation to new heights and help us stay focused on our efforts towards a set goal. 

Moreover, using contests across teams is also an effective team-building activity, as the participants cheer up and help each other to improve their numbers. Do you want to spark a great team culture for your employees? Contests will get you there!

In Plecto, you can customize the theme of the contest to better illustrate the goal, decide the employees or teams that you want to participate, and include a picture for each of them to make it fun. Set the prize for the winner(s), and even a countdown for the days left to reach it!

The best part? You can display it on your dashboard so that all your team - participants or not - can follow its progress and join the celebration once it ends. 

Not enough? We have created new templates for your contests. You now have a broad variety of customisable templates, where you can find and use a theme for each of your teams: sales, marketing, development… we have them all! Go check them at Plecto App, and get started!

We’ve gathered a step-by-step guide to help you get started with contests in Plecto in no time. And most importantly, to start motivating your teams with their KPIs in the most engaging way!

How to create a contest

Blog - 4 Sports-themed Sales Contest Ideas to Engage Your Team - Champions League

Once you are on your Plecto account, you can access the Gamification section on the left sidebar, and choose Contest:

  • You can find the ‘+ New Contest’ button on the upper right corner
  • Enter a title and a description for the contest, so that you’re employees have a context
  • Select the time period that the contest should last for
  • Select a formula you want to use; i.e. number of deals, value, or target reached
  • Select the goal that the participants will aim to reach

How to display it on a TV screen

Sales Contest

Your contest is now created! And now, it’s very easy to display it on your dashboard to include all your employees in the process:

  • Go to ‘Slideshow’, click on ‘Add contest slide’, and select the contest in the drop down list
  • Remember to save!
  • Now you can go back to your contest and press on ‘Start contest’, and it will show up on your slideshow.

Why use a contest

First of all, who doesn’t want to motivate their team at work?

We all need stimulation to stay focused on our goals and tasks during our work routine, and that’s what the contests help with. 

It’s a very easy, fast and engaging way of bringing your team together for a common goal. For instance, you can create a contest for your sales reps to reach 10 closed deals in a week. You and all your team can now follow their progress in real-time, and see how they get closer and closer to the goal. 

This way, all your team sees the hard work of their colleagues, which also helps motivate them to try harder with their own KPIs!

Templates for Contests in Plecto.png

Plus, they can join the celebration once the contest is over!

There are many other gamification options that you can use together with contests in Plecto, such as real-time notifications to celebrate daily goals, or custom badges to reward an achievement. 

Plecto is all about motivating teams, creating an enjoyable and transparent culture, and bringing employees together by celebrating each other’s achievements!

So… What contest are you going to organize first?


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