Plecto eBooks Collection:

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VCC - 3 Steps to a Performance-Driven Sales Culture

  • Implement our 3-step model to meet stakeholders' needs
  • Gain insights from 13 sales experts
  • Use self-assessments, checklists, and models to identify problem areas

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Customer Service Playbook: 9 Best Practices For Modern Leaders

  • Implement 9 best practices from top companies
  • Use statistics, benchmarks, and formulas to enhance service
  • Apply insights from 8 customer service experts

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The Retention Rat Race: Ultimate Guide to Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

  • Spot churn risks and track KPIs for retention
  • Use Plecto dashboards and AI to keep customers happy
  • Apply unique strategies to improve CSAT

Plecto Webinar Collection:



  • Implement gamification strategies to boost performance
  • Engage and motivate your team using proven techniques
  • Apply real-world examples and case studies for success

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NordicWorkflow x Plecto (in Danish)

  • Forstå vigtigheden af dataoprindelse for din forretning
  • Sikre datakvalitet, så dine data afspejler virkeligheden
  • Udnytte data optimalt for vækst og bedre beslutningstagning


Remote Performance

  • Maintain high performance with remote working strategies
  • Equip your team with tools for productivity on the go
  • Overcome challenges and leverage best practices for remote work success


AirCall x Redcare x Plecto - Customer Service

  • Replicate Redcare Pharmacy and AirCall example dashboards for superior customer service
  • Implement key performance metrics to reduce customer wait times
  • Use Plecto’s real-time data visualization to enhance CSAT and customer satisfaction

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Advanced Reporting

  • Create detailed and customizable reports to track business performance
  • Use Plecto's real-time updates and export features to save time
  • Implement best practices from real-world case studies and expert advice


Build High-Performance Dashboards

  • Create high-performance dashboards from scratch
  • Utilize Plecto’s features for real-time data visualization
  • Apply best practices and expert tips for effective dashboard design