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Raise your Retail Performance with Plecto

Never miss a beat (or a target)

Get the perfect picture of your stores' performance by visualizing all your key KPIs on easy-to-understand dashboards.

Motivate and engage your team

Spice up shifts by holding fun contests. Who can make the most sales? Who can deliver the best service? We let you decide.

Celebrate your team's success

Is your team smashing its sales targets? Start acknowledging the achievement of your team with our notifications, Reward Store and more!

Real-time retail dashboards that display your reps' performance

Maximize your store's potential with organized, real-time data. Keep a finger on the pulse of your store's performance by visualizing your data in real-time.

Learn about the Retail KPIs you need to be tracking

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Celebrate your store associates company-wide

Don’t risk your reps falling into a retail rut – make the daily grind fun with gamification! Create fun contests for both sales and customer service staff that align with your store's targets and spark healthy competition within the team.

Spur on friendly competition with a sales contest

Our Retail Success Stories

Sunrise Case Section.png

Discover how Sunrise utilized contests and data dashboards to build a collaborative culture and connect their sales reps.

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Shaping New Tomorrow customer case

Read how the menswear group Shaping New Tomorrow has achieved an incredible 99% CSAT score thanks to real-time insights.

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Centralize your store data with our 100+ integrations

Empower performance with a retail sales dashboard

With visibility comes responsibility. By visualizing all sales and store data on a dazzling retail store performance dashboard, your store reps are able to see their own performance—and take accountability for their activities.

Read why real-time sales feedback matters

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Automate reports to optimize your time

Retail reporting for busy store managers

Spend your time on the tasks that matter and automate your reporting! Set the KPIs you want to see, send your reports automatically to your inbox, and share them as presentations.

Ready, set, save time on reporting!

Get inspired by these common retail KPIs

Monthly Sales Target

As the name suggests, this KPI measures whether you on track to hit your monthly target.

Average Purchase Value

Get insight into how much your customers are spending on average per visit.

Return Rate

Measures the percentage of orders and purchases that are returned.

Sales by Department

Measures comparative sales volume. Only one department? Measure sales by category instead.

Gross & Net Profits

You probably already know if you're in the black or the red, but this KPI can help you optimize your operations.

Gross margins return on investment (GMROI)

This KPI measures how much money you have made off what you've invested in inventory and stock.

Get the full list in our blog on the 10 Essential Retail KPIs 📈

Let the numbers do the talking...

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"The biggest impact has been the gamification. The team and cross-regional overview and the possibility to work with the achievements are great for giving the employees the opportunity to compare their sales power"

Remo Pastori

Sales Process Manager at Sunrise UPC

Shaping New Tomorrow

"I would definitely recommend Plecto to anyone who is looking to scale up their company!"

Kasper Ulrich

CEO & Co-founder