Real-time retail dashboards that display your reps' performance

Actionable data to improve the customer experience

Get an organized view of your stores by visualizing your sales and support team's stats in real time. Take data-driven decisions on your metrics to ensure you can provide an even greater shopping experience to customers.

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Metrics matter, so make your KPIs count!

Focus your store employees’ attention on the KPIs that drive success by showing them on their specific store performance dashboard. Display key KPIs from footfall to financial metrics like average transaction value, and sales.

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Game-changing gamification to boost motivation

Celebrate your store associates company-wide

Don’t risk your reps falling into a retail rut – make the daily grind fun with gamification! Create fun contests for both sales and customer service staff that align with your store's targets and spark healthy competition within the team.

Spur on friendly competition with a sales contest

Instant notifications to unite locations

Stores in different states, regions, or even countries? No worries! Connect your employees with instant notifications, so your whole company notices and celebrates reps for recent victories.

Build instant notifications that prompt instant celebrations

Empower performance with a retail sales dashboard

Drive employee engagement to skyrocket performance

Who said store sales always have to be serious? Simplify and spice up the employee experience with a dazzling retail store performance dashboard! Elevate employee engagement and motivation.

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Empower employees to take control of their performance

With visibility comes responsibility. By visualizing all sales and store data on a real-time retail dashboard, your store reps are able to see their own performance—and take accountability for their activities.

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Automate reports to optimize your time

The perfect tool for busy store managers

Spend your time on the tasks that matter and automate your reporting! Set the KPIs you want to see, send your reports automatically to your inbox, and share them as presentations.

Ready, set, save time on reporting!

Master your store operations management

Take your team’s performance in your pocket with Plecto’s mobile app! Manage your store performance whenever and wherever you are working so you never have to worry about missing a milestone.

Track reps' results on the go with the Plecto mobile app!