Create an engaging contest in no time

Create and run fun team competitions at work in just a few clicks!

You choose the KPIs to track within the ones you're already displaying on your dashboard. The results will be automatically shown until the goal is reached, so all your employees can follow each other's performance in real-time.

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New Opportunities
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Pipeline Value
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Meetings Booked
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Enterprise Leads
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Personalize your contests with our broad variety of themes

We have designed a broad variety of themes that you can easily use to personalise your contests and involve your employees in the friendly team competition.

Select the theme that best fits your goals and team, and start boosting your employees' performance in the most engaging way! Which one are you going to choose first?

How to Create a Contest in Plecto?

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"I would highly recommend Plecto for anyone looking to create a friendly competitive environment in their workplace, by allowing your employee's to set goals and smash their previous performance records!"

Alec Tucker

CMO, Highbridge Construction

Friendly competition among teams and locations

Contests are a great way of grabbing attention and focusing your team's performance towards a common target!

You choose whether to set individual or team competition, depending on the goal you want to achieve! Bring your teams from your different offices together by organising a fun contests with them. Involve your employees in your performance in the most motivating way!

Be as creative as you want, customisation is endless!

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Display the progress in real-time

Show the real-time performance of the participants on the dashboards by including the contest in a slideshow to display on a TV screen!

As soon as there is a winner, the results will be shown on the dashboard to keep your entire team engaged. This is a great way to involve your employees in the business' performance, and to celebrate together every small or big achievement with our gamification options!

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Spark motivation and a healthy culture of competition.

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