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7 Ways to Create Retail Synergy Between Online & Offline Operations

Discover 7 crucial strategies for creating synergy between your company’s online and offline channels, providing the seamless experience your customers expect.

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performance tracking blog image #5

Performance Tracking 101: A Guide for Enhancing Employee Productivity

Performance tracking is essential for engaging your employees. Celebrate their success, give them what they need, and boost productivity. Find out how.

Employee retention 1.png

5 Employee Retention Metrics to Track in 2024

Discover the five crucial employee retention metrics to track if you want to retain your top performers and make better hiring decisions.

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Dashboard design

4 Ways to Supercharge Employee Performance with Plecto

Maximize your business's success by harnessing the power of your employees. Unleash their full potential with Plecto and discover effective strategies to supercharge your team's performance.

employee motivation statistics #1

10 Statistics That Teach You the Importance of Boosting Team Motivation

Discover the power of motivation in the workplace with these eye-opening statistics.

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How to Build Incredible Team Synergy

Achieving company-wide synergy is an essential ingredient for business success. Uncover the 4 steps to implement in your workplace to achieve the perfect team synergy.

Workforce potential blog header

10 Secrets to Unlocking The Full Potential of Your Workforce

Having a productive workforce is about more than just hiring the right person. Discover 10 secrets that will help your employees reach their full potential.

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How to Boost Employee Retention in the Insurance Industry

Working in the insurance industry and struggling to retain your employees? Improve your employee retention with these simple steps and boost your employee retention right now!

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4 Things Top Companies Do To Keep Their Whole Company Aligned

Achieve organizational alignment with our 4 indispensable tips. Dive into proven strategies that will help ensure your company has a shared sense of purpose.

Motivational Quotes blog header

65 Quotes to Inspire and Motivate Employees

Use these inspirational quotes for the office and motivate and inspire yourself and your employees.

Management styles

5 Management Styles for Engaged Employees

Learn the top 5 types of management styles for engaged employees, see them in action, and get tips on how to choose the best management style for your team.

Quiet quitting blogging header

What is Quiet Quitting? How to Identify it + 5 Ways to Stop it

Quiet quitting affects an estimated 50% of the workforce, costing employers millions. Learn the three signs of quiet quitting and five ways to stop it.

Blog - How Bad Management Affects Employee Engagement

Signs of Bad Management And How it Affects Employee Engagement

Find out what consequences bad management can have on employee engagement. Learn about three bad management styles and how you can avoid being this kind of manager.

Blog - Collective Leadership in Business

Collective Leadership in Business

Interested in implementing collective leadership in your business? Read this blog post and learn what collective leadership is, the benefits of introducing it, how to implement it and much more.

Blog - How to Re-Engage Disengaged Employees

How to deal with disengaged employees and re-engage them

Ever had a disengaged employee? Then you know how tricky it can sometimes be to get them back on board. In this blog post we suggest some easy ways to re-engage a disengaged employee.

Blog - How to Engage your Team in a Data-Driven Performance Culture
Sales performance

How to Engage your Team Members in a Data-Driven Performance Culture

In this blog, we are talking about how to boost your team's engagement by having a performance-driven culture and how to embrace data-driven conversation among your employees.

Blog - 7 Easy Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

In this post, you will learn 7 easy ways to reduce employee turnover in your business. Find out why high rates of employee turnover are bad and discover effective solutions to address the problem, including setting achievable KPIs and hiring the right people.

Blog - How to Develop a High-Performance Culture
Sales performance

How to create a High-Performance Culture

Read more about how to use dashboards to implement a high-performance culture in your company.

Blog - 3 tips to increase your performance working from home - employee working from home

3 tips to increase your productivity working from home

How to keep a high productivity from the comfort of your own house? It's easier than you might think!

Boost Empoyee Engagement Blog Header.png

5 Essential Initiatives to Boost Employee Engagement

Learn 5 proven tactics to increase employee engagement that will boost morale, satisfaction, and ultimately performance–including making sure your employees are feeling you retain your top talent!

Blog - 5 Unique Team Building Activities to Motivate Your Employees
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5 Unique Team Building Activities to Motivate Your Employees

Have you run out of ideas on how to motivate your team? We’ve got 5 exciting team building activities for you that will increase employee engagement and boost team motivation!

Blog - Dixa Header

Increase Your Support Team’s Performance & Motivation With Dixa

Dixa now lets you import your realtime data straight into Plecto!

Blog - 5 Effective Tips to Motivate Your Sales Team
Sales performance

5 Effective Tips to Motivate Your Sales Team

We bring you the 5 definite tips to engage your sales team on their performance, on a daily basis!

celebrate team's performance

10 Ways to Excite Your Employees & Boost Their Motivation

Learn ten effective ways to increase employee motivation, reduce attrition, and achieve the success your company wants!

6 Tips on How to Motivate Your Sales Team.png
Sales performance

6 Tips on How to Boost Your Sales Team's Motivation

Looking for a way to ensure that your sales team's motivation stays sky high? Here are 6 surefire tips to boost that all-important motivation among your sales agents.

Improve Team Performance Blog Header.png
Sales performance

5 Easy Ways to Improve Team Performance That Top Companies Use

Learn 5 effective ways to boost the way your team works, supercharge individual performance, and deliver the results you always dreamed of. Starting with defining your goals and upping your coaching sessions, these are the things that top-performing companies are doing to stay on top!

Sales Contest Winner Plecto Blog.jpg
Sales performance

10 Sales Contest Ideas to Keep Your Sales Employees Motivated

Searching for some fun and friendly sales contest ideas to get your reps motivated and at their peak performance? Here are 10 contest ideas that will drive your team to sell even more!

Blog - Top 10 Gamification Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Gamification Mistakes to Avoid

Gamification boosts engagement and performance amongst your employees, but it is easy to make mistakes when implementing it. Discover ten common mistakes and learn how you can avoid them.

Blog - Performance Management Coach Employees Blog
Customer Service

5 Employee Performance Management Tips to Enhance Customer Service

Learn the 5 employee performance management tactics that can improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention to enhance customer service!

Blog - Workplace Transparency Improves Company Culture and Performance Plecto Blog

How Workplace Transparency Improves Company Culture & Performance

Find out how to create a transparent work culture, and how to use workplace transparency to celebrate success, engage employees and drive performance like never before.

Blog - Limit Dashboard Access - Example of individual dashboard in Plecto
Dashboard design

Engage Your Remote Team With our 'Limit Dashboard Access' Feature!

Discover our Limit Dashboard Access feature to get the best out of your Plecto dashboards. Also, learn more about how to improve your communication with your remote team!

Blog - Reach Your Business Objectives Before New Year!
Sales performance

Reach Your Business Objectives Before New Year!

Get some tips on achieving objectives and closing the year in the most efficient way.

Blog - Why Your Employee Engagement Initiative Isn't Working

Why Your Employee Engagement Initiative Isn't Working

If you're struggling to achieve success with your employee engagement initiative, then this blog post is here to help. Discover two main reasons why you're engagement program is failing, and learn how you can turn this around to get employees motivated and engaged.

Blog - 10 Ways to Create a Productive Office Space

10 Ways to Create a Productive Office Space

Discover 10 ways you can adjust your office environment to make your staff more productive. This includes increasing natural light, displaying a dashboard and regulating temperature.

Blog - Improve Employee Engagement with Motivation

Step-by-Step: Improve Employee Engagement with Motivation

Employee engagement is the key to mastering motivation. Get your free step-by-step guide that outlines the exact method top-performing companies use to translate engagement and motivation into revenue.

Blog - How to motivate & improve your sales performance
Sales performance

How To Motivate & Improve Your Sales Performance

Visualize your KPIs and watch how Plecto engages your employees for better performance.

Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.