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The 10 Best SaaS KPIs You Need to Track in 2024

Every SaaS business is different, but here are the 10 most important SaaS KPIs that every SaaS company should be measuring in 2024.

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churned customers 1st.png
Customer Service

Step-by-Step Guide on Dealing with Churned Customers

Just received a churn request? Learn how to deal with churned customers and discover the steps for effective churn management

SaaS challenges blog header
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5 Challenges for SaaS Companies + How to Overcome Them

From learning how to stand out from the crowd to effectively managing your resources, discover how to overcome common SaaS challenges and take your performance to the next level.

SaaS report 1st
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SaaS Reports: How They Can Help Your Business Grow

Find out how to do SaaS reporting and how can SaaS reports help your business grow.

Beginner's Guide to SaaS Sales Funnel.png
Sales performance

A Beginner’s Guide to SaaS Sales Funnels

Learn the six stages of the SaaS sales funnel – and five ways you can optimize your funnel to target the right leads and increase you company’s revenue.

Customer Service

5 SaaS Customer Retention Strategies

SaaS companies wanting to thrive in the future must get serious about SaaS customer retention. Learn 5 SaaS retention strategies that you can implement today!

Beginner's guide to SaaS sales
Sales performance

Beginner's Guide to SaaS Sales

Are you new to SaaS sales? Find out how selling SaaS is different from other types of sales, and get 10 tips to help you sell SaaS like a pro!

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A Complete Guide to Remote Selling

Find out why remote sales are here to stay, the key benefits and challenges of remote selling, and learn 5 best practices for remote-selling success!

saas salespeople
Sales performance

How SaaS salespeople can thrive during the coming downturn

Survival during a recession is not a problem for SaaS companies, thriving during a recession is another matter altogether. Read further to explore tips on how to thrive during the upcoming downturn!

Top SaaS onboarding practices blog header
Customer Service

10 Best Practices for the SaaS Onboarding Experience

SaaS onboarding is one of the most important elements of the customer journey. Learn 10 best practices for designing the best onboarding for SaaS users.

Blog - SaaS Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Service

How to Use SaaS Customer Journey Maps to Improve CS

Ready to crush your SaaS customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty? Start with customer journey mapping! Learn the 6 stages of a typical SaaS customer journey. Plus, find out how customer journey maps can improve CS, innovation, and cross-department alignment.

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