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How Plecto Catapults Call Center Performance 🚀

Never miss a beat (or a new call)

Centralize all your KPIs onto one dashboard to create one, real-time single source of truth.

Make working in a call center FUN

Spice up day-to-day activities with fun and engaging contests, notifications and a whole lot more!

Elevate employee activities

Whether it's for sales or support, provide your employees with the data overview to take accountability for their performance.

Real-time KPI tracking for real-time action

A call center is a busy environment, so make sure that your agents stay on top of their KPIs at all times with real-time metric visualization.

Call Center Dashboards

Motivate and engage your call center agents with gamification

Who can get the highest CSAT? Who can land the most deals? Spice up the day-to-day activity with fun contests, rewards and more.

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Our Call Center Success Stories

Insurance_Surgery landing page case study

Discover how the Insurance Surgery boosted call efficiency by a whopping 50% with Plecto & Aircall

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Telmore Case Section.png

Uncover how the telecom company gets a "very quick overview" of their performance with dashboard visualization.

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If Forsikring landing page

Learn how insurance giant If Forsikring created motivated contest champs with Plecto

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Effortlessly switch between individual and team view.

Managing a big team? With Dynamic Dashboards you can create one dashboard that automatically changes depending on who's viewing it.

Learn more about Dynamic Dashboards

Tackle agent turnover

Need a new strategy to reduce the turnover of your staff? Create performance agreements and hold regular 1:1s to develop employees skills and invest in their future.

Check out our Coaching and Training features

One-on-One Example rounded

Seamlessly connect your contact center data with our 100+ integrations

Get inspired by these common call center KPIs

Average Handling Time (AHT)

The average time taken to handle customer calls, including talk time and after-call work.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Measures how happy your customers through feedback and ratings.

Average Abandonment Rate

The percentage of calls that hang up before getting through to an agent.

First Call Resolution Rate

The percentage of calls resolved during first contact, without the need to follow up.

Sales per agent

The number of sales made by individual call center agents over a specific period of time.

Service Level Agreement

The extent to which your contact center is meeting agreed-on level of service to customers.

Let the numbers do the talking...

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Rema 100 logo 115x70

"Our response time has improved a lot since using Plecto. We went from around 5 or 6 minutes to approximately half a minute to 1.5 minutes now."

Lennart Thomsen

System Responsible at REMA 1000

The Insurance Surgery Logo

"We went from 150 calls a day per rep on one of our teams to 213 yesterday. So it's obviously helping a lot. Most of the team are making over 200 calls... where previously 200 calls meant you'd had an incredible day."

Matt Vickers

Operations Manager at The Insurance Surgery

POS nation

"With data visualization, I can address performance problems in real-time. If a sales rep has only completed 10 calls by lunch, I can speak to them immediately instead of waiting several days to review their performance report at the weekly sales meeting."

Cort Ouzts

POS Nation CEO

Read the POS Nation case study

Explore Plecto's features

Real-time Dashboards

Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office.

Real-time Reports

Save time with live, automated reports.

Performance Agreements

Set targets for each employee and follow progress in real-time.

Build Custom KPI's

Choose the KPIs that suit your custom needs.


Spark motivation and a healthy culture of competition.

Instant Notifications

Recognize and celebrate success as it happens.

Dynamic Dashboards

Personalize performance with Dynamic Dashboards


Get access to both the Reward Store and Contests with Gamification+

Coaching and Training

Elevate employee development with One-on-ones and Quizzes

TV Dashboards