Plecto enables you to create your own custom KPIs

Unlike other dashboard software, Plecto offers you the opportunity to create KPIs that are relevant for your business.

Creating custom KPIs allows you to fully understand and monitor your business' performance by tracking your most relevant data. With our formula editor, you can easily create a simple formula to monitor your custom metrics... There are endless possibilities in Plecto!

How to create custom KPI's in Plecto?

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Combine various integrations in your custom KPI

You decide the KPI to measure, and Plecto makes it easy.

Combine as many integrations as you need to create your custom KPI, and monitor it on your dashboard in real-time. Start monitoring exactly what is relevant for your business, and understand your strengths and weaknesses as never before.

You need to combine a CRM and a Finance system? Plecto has you covered!

Find the best integrations for your business

Get the most detailed overview of your business

Combine as many different formulas and KPIs as you want in one dashboard, to get the best overview of all areas of your business.

For instance, in the same dashboard you can combine some widgets showing pre-designed KPIs with others displaying your custom KPIs. Following your business' growth is easier than ever!

Get inspired with our Library of KPI's!

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Create a report with your custom KPIs

When you create a custom KPI, not only you can easily display it on your dashboard, but you can also use them for your reports.

To create a report, you can simply choose the KPIs that you are already displaying on your dashboard to show your data in real-time. This enables you to create very detailed reports in a matter of time for each one of your meetings with your various stakeholders.

Learn more about our automatic reports

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Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office.

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Instant Notifications

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