Data visualization that engages telco teams

Telecom dashboards give your entire team a quick and clear understanding of your KPI performance. With real-time dashboards, you can showcase successes, pinpoint areas for improvement, and empower your team to make data-driven decisions.

Telecom Overview Dashboard

This dashboard cuts through the metric overload

Telecom companies nowadays are having to juggle dozens of different metrics that it can often be overwhelming. Build to focus solely on your core metrics, this dashboard answers your key questions such as:

  • Where do we stand regarding subscribers?
  • What's our revenue looking like?
  • Which products are selling the best?

By staying on top of these questions, companies can easily identify areas to focus on, allowing them to stay agile and responsive.

Telecom Employee Sales Dashboard

Shine a light on your selling superstars

In an industry with a focus on high-velocity sales, this dashboard visualizes the sales performance of your telecom team. On the left, the table widget breaks down the individual activities of the sales agents, measuring call activity as well as new business generated. In this example, a leaderboard is used to celebrate the results of the top upsellers, thereby acknowledging their top performance.

Telecom Customer Service

Ensure you're providing a top-of-the-class customer experience

Use this dashboard to identify immediate trends and patterns in your support KPIs. Struggling to stay on top of support tickets? Too many customers waiting to get through to an agent? This dashboard provides the support team with the centralized hub for the crucial metrics that are ever-changing throughout the day.

Activity-based dashboard = productive sales teams

Straight to voicemail, regular outright rejection - outbound sales is a challenging role and it's often tough to stay motivated.

Use this dashboard to track your sales reps' activities but also as a way to keep them motivated and engaged in their tasks. While the left side of the dashboard displays call-related metrics, the other widgets highlight the financial results of their efforts and celebrates the reps who have generated the most new business.