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Performance Tracking 101: A Guide for Enhancing Employee Productivity

Performance tracking is essential for engaging your employees. Celebrate their success, give them what they need, and boost productivity. Find out how.

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Customer Service Dashboard Mockup Final.png
Customer Service

5 Customer Service Dashboards Every Customer Success Team Needs

Tired of having to keep all your customer service data in your head? Here are five customer service dashboards to visualize the customer service KPIs you need to get motivated customer service reps and satisfied customers!

Blog - Example of SmartTV displaying a Plecto dashboard
About Plecto

SmartTV, Computer+TV or Custom Devices for Your Sales Dashboard

Get the best feedback about displaying your Plecto dashboard on a smartTV or Computer+TV. And we also have the top 3 tips to involve your employees in their data!

Blog - Apple Watch displaying a Plecto dashboard
About Plecto

Display Dashboards on Your Apple Watch

Plecto is the only dashboard software company displaying your dashboards on Apple Watch. Read more.

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Dashboard design

The 3 Types of Dashboards You Need To Be Using

Learn the three mission-critical dashboard types, which ones you should choose, and how to get the most out of them in your company’s operations.

Blog - 5 Sales Dashboards that Every Sales Team Needs
Sales performance

5 Sales Dashboards that Every Sales Team Needs

In this blog post, we'll be discussing the five sales dashboards your salespeople need in order to sell more. Get inspired and learn what KPIs and metrics you need to include on your sales funnel dashboard, executive sales dashboard or sales pipeline dashboard.

Blog - Plecto Zoho CRM Data Visualization Blog

Visualize Your Zoho CRM Data on Plecto Dashboards

Here's how to visualize your Zoho CRM data in less than 10 minutes, and get a precise overview of your sales, marketing, customer support, and finance teams using Plecto!

Blog - How Sales Leaderboards Help Your Team Perform Even Better - Close CRM Blog Header
Sales performance

How Sales Leaderboards Help Your Team Perform Even Better

Discover why top-performing workplaces use sales leaderboards. Plus get a step-by-step guide on how to build high-impact sales dashboards and leaderboards that engage employees, supercharge motivation, ignite competition, and boost revenue! 🏆

Blog - The 3 Golden Rules of Dashboard Design - Dashboard on a computer screen
Dashboard design

What is a Business Dashboard? Top dashboard benefits for your business

More and more businesses worldwide are turning to dashboard software to measure their KPIs and get the best insights into their performance. Wonder why?

Blog - Limit Dashboard Access - Example of individual dashboard in Plecto
Dashboard design

Engage Your Remote Team With our 'Limit Dashboard Access' Feature!

Discover our Limit Dashboard Access feature to get the best out of your Plecto dashboards. Also, learn more about how to improve your communication with your remote team!

Blog - How to create high performing visual content
Sales performance

How to Create High Performing Visual Content

In collaboration with JumpStory we have done a blog post about the importance of visual content to increase performance.

Blog - Before You Start Using Dashboards - Two employees looking at a Plecto dashboard in the office
Dashboard design

Five Things to Consider Before You Start Using Dashboards

You may think that designing an engaging and performance-boosting dashboard sounds like hard work. It's actually a lot easier than you think! In this blog post, we have gathered simple five things you need to consider before you start building dashboards to help you get started.

Blog - Example of Plecto team using Podio
About Plecto

Dashboards and Achievements for Podio

Visualize your data from Podio CRM on dashboards.

Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.