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Sales performance

What Is Sales Velocity + Why It's the Metric You Need to Be Tracking

Learn everything you need to know about sales velocity. Find out why you should be tracking it, how to calculate it, and 4 tips for high-velocity sales!

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Sales performance

7 KPIs for Sales Managers to Track in 2023

Sales managers are responsible for various tasks which sometimes can be overwhelming! In this article, we will go throw the 7 best sales manager KPIs and explain how to unleash their full benefit of it!

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Sales performance

5 Essential Public Relations KPIs to Track in 2023

Are you wondering what’s working and what isn’t in your PR campaigns? Here are some public relations KPIs you can track to give you a clear picture.

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Customer Service

7 Crucial Customer Retention Metrics for 2023

Customer retention is a critical element of long-term business success. Learn which KPIs you should track in order to increase customer retention!

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Customer Service

Top 6 Customer Service Metrics You Should Measure in 2023

Trends all always changing, so find out what customer service metrics you need to track in 2023.

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Sales performance

10 Real Estate KPIs to Track in 2023

Discover the most important KPIs for real estate in 2023! Learn the benefits of KPIs and how they can improve real estate operations!

Blog - 5 Best KPIs for Telemarketing and Call Centers
Sales performance

5 Best Telemarketing and Call Center KPIs

Get the 5 best call center KPIs and metrics and learn how to visualize your performance metrics on call center dashboards.

Blog - 3 easy tricks to monitor your OKRs in Plecto - OKRs in Plecto
Dashboard design

3 Easy Tricks to Track OKRs in Plecto

Just a helping hand to shed some light on how to work with OKRs in your Plecto dashboards

10 marketing KPIs you need to be tracking_blog header
Sales performance

10 Marketing KPIs You Need to be Tracking in 2023

Learn the 10 marketing KPIs you should be tracking to understand how your marketing efforts are performing – and identify where they could be more effective.

Blog - 21 Sales KPIs You Should Be Tracking — with Examples!
Sales performance

21 Sales KPIs You Should Be Tracking — with Examples!

Tracking the right sales KPIs is one of the first and most important steps to building a performance-driven sales culture in your organization. These 21 sales KPI examples will set you on the path to success.

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Sales performance

5 Telecommunication KPIs to Track in 2023

Learn five important telecom key performance indicators that can help boost revenue by improving your company’s customer service and retention.

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Sales performance

A Crash Course in Social Media Metrics

Stop tracking vanity metrics! Learn the four categories of social media metrics that matter – and start generating more revenue through social media.

Insurance KPIs to track

15 Insurance KPIs Your Agency Needs to be Tracking in 2023

Every insurance agency is dealing with so much data on a daily basis that it can be hard to keep up with what you need to measure. In this article, we talk you through 15 essential insurance KPIs that your agency needs to be tracking, covering sales, claims and finance.

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10 Important Retail KPIs You Should Be Tracking in 2023

Learn 10 important retail KPIs you should be tracking to understand how your business is performing at all times—and find out what might need some attention.

financial KPIs
Sales performance

5 Important Financial KPIs to Track in 2023

Learn five important financial KPIs that will help you measure and analyze your company’s financial state so you can stay on track – and increase profits.

Blog - The 10 Best SaaS KPIs You Need to Track in 2022 - 1
Sales performance

The 10 Best SaaS KPIs You Need to Track in 2023

Every SaaS business is different, but here are the 10 most important SaaS KPIs that every SaaS company should be measuring in 2023.

Dashboard design

What is Metrics Tracking – And Why is it Important?

Take a more data-driven approach to your business by learning the basics of metrics tracking – including what is a key metric and how it differs from a KPI.

Sales performance

Just What are Sales Metrics? Here's a Comprehensive Guide

Take a more data-driven approach to sales! Learn the basics of sales performance metrics and how tracking the right sales metrics can increase revenue.

Learn the basics of tracking KPI metrics
Sales performance

Learn the Basics of Tracking KPI Metrics

Take a more data-driven approach to your business by learning the basics of tracking KPI metrics – including over 150 department- and industry-specific KPIs.

Sales performance

5 Important KPIs for Managers of All Departments

Learn five important KPIs for managers that can help you retain employees, boost performance, and plan for the future – in any department.

Sales performance

5 Crucial Account Manager KPIs

Get five account manager KPI examples that can help your company become more data-driven in retaining customers and acquiring new ones.

Blog - Inbound Sales KPIs Header
Sales performance

10 Inbound Sales KPIs Your Team Needs – and Why Inbound Really Matters!

Learn the 3 simple ways to start building your inbound sales strategy, why the most successful organizations are data-driven, and the 10 inbound sales KPIs your team needs to be tracking!

Blog - Outbound Sales KPIs Blog Plecto Header
Sales performance

10 Outbound Sales KPIs To Track Now – and Why Outbound Still Matters!

Think that outbound's out? Think again. Learn 3 ways to modernize your outbound sales strategy, and why data-driven outbound is so important. Read the full article to find out how to fine-tune your outbound sales strategy – starting with these 10 outbound sales KPIs every sales team needs to be tracking! 🫵

Blog - 100 Key Performance Indicators
Sales performance

100 Key Performance Indicators

The 100 most important KPIs for Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support, and Development.

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Dashboard design

Step-by-step guide: How to Create Custom Metrics in Plecto

It's so easy to create custom metrics and formulas in Plecto, that you don't even need a guide. But, just in case, you have a pretty good one here!

Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.