Case Summary


  • Making KPIs visual and accessible to employees
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Getting timely performance data


Dashboards: Displaying live data dashboards on TV screens around the office
Instant Notifications: Automated notifications to recognize & celebrate key milestones


  • Faster and easier data-backed decision-making
  • Targets and success celebrated company-wide
  • More motivated employees due to recognition & celebration

Company Background

Since its establishment in 2010, Pipedrive has provided its over 100,000 global B2B sales customers with an innovative cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software, generating a value of closed deals of $85 billion. The cloud-based SaaS giant boasts over 1,000 employees across 8 Europe-based offices in Europe and two in the US. With customers in over 179 countries worldwide and Capterra Nonprofit CRM Software-shortlisted in 2022, the Vista Equity Partners-backed company continues to strive to make sales success inevitable for teams worldwide.

Challenge: Making KPIs more visual & accessible company-wide

Pipedrive is great at capturing data–using their own Pipedrive CRM for managing their sales funnel and Zendesk for collecting customer feedback and tracking customer support ratings. However, with their data locked away in separate systems, it was challenging to deliver critical performance information to guide decision-making to their teams in a timely manner. In this way, Pipedrive wished to become more data-driven where decisions were based on KPIs and tracked data.

Pipedrive started looking for an easy way to display employee and team KPIs on dashboards that could be displayed in a transparent way on TV screens throughout the office...

Solution: Why Plecto?

It was critical that Pipedrive was able to display visual, actionable data from Zendesk and Pipedrive CRM for their sales and support teams. The seamless integrations that Plecto offers between the sales and CS systems made it the perfect solution for Pipedrive.

Here's how Plecto helped Pipedrive achieve the integration, visualization, and transparency they sought to enact:

  • Centralized data using one-click integrations
  • Plecto real-time dashboards for data visualization
  • Plecto instant notifications to celebrate achievements

Live KPI dashboards on TV screens across Pipedrive's office

Upon integrating their existing business systems with Plecto, the teams at Pipedrive were able to get started building dashboards and streaming them to TVs around the office in just a few clicks.

Pipedrive's customer support team is able to stay on top of their tickets with their real-time activity dashboard. Whenever a support tick is submitted or reopened, the whole team is able to see the quantity and status of tickets on the Plecto dashboards displayed on TVs around the office.

Meanwhile, the sales team gets an impeccable live overview of their sales pipeline, so no one is working on outdated data and opportunities are easily identified.

Instant notifications for instant celebrations

Pipedrive also leverages automated notifications that trigger whenever a customer service agent completes a positively-rated support call or a sales rep wins a deal. Openly recognizing accomplishments in this way, boosted employees' engagement and connectivity as they shared knowledge and experiences with each other, bringing departments closer together. The recognition also gives individuals a sense of pride that motivates them to continue their great work, ultimately boosting both individual and team performance.

"If you are a Pipedrive user, I would definitely say go for it. Because Plecto and Pipedrive is indeed a very powerful combination!"

Daniel Figueiredo

Sales and Support Analyst at Pipedrive


Decision-making made easier at Pipedrive

Since implementing Plecto, Pipedrive is displaying its team targets and results on TV screens throughout the office in a transparent and motivating way. Employees can make easier, data-driven decisions as they are provided with the perfect overview of sales and customer service performance to make fast decisions in real time. Additionally, reps and managers alike, are able to identify hindrances and obstacles before they land on their desks as a result of better data transparency.

Motivated and engaged employees

Pipedrive has seen a significant improvement in team motivation by providing employees with a foundation to engage with their colleagues–making performance and achievements the new everyday conversations at the coffee machine. With Plecto dashboards accessible to all and notifications to alert when important milestones are achieved, celebrating success is something that is done company-wide. The healthily competitive nature of the sales team and appreciation for recognition within customer support meant that employees were far more motivated to outperform.

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"If you are a Pipedrive user, I would definitely say go for it. Because Plecto and Pipedrive are indeed a very powerful combination!"

Daniel Figueiredo

Sales and Support Analyst at Pipedrive

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