Case Summary


  • Connecting their retail employees across 90+ store locations
  • Stimulating competition and motivation to ultimately increase sales


Dashboards & Slideshows: Display relevant KPIs sales associates need to sell more
Gamification: Achievement badges, notifications, and contests to incentivize, recognize, and celebrate both individual and team performance


  • Friendly competition and motivated employees
  • Better awareness, accessibility, and accountability over KPIs
  • Connected employees who positively compare their performance

Company Background

Since its establishment in 2000, Switzerland’s largest private telecommunications provider, Sunrise, has been revolutionizing the industry with a number of strategic partnerships and setting new standards in both the private and business sectors. As a result, the company boasts a 2.96 million-strong customer base for mobile, 1.21 million people using their broadband services, and 1.28 million TV customers. With over 100 stores across 5 different regions in Switzerland, Sunrise was recognized in PC Magazin’s Broadband 2021 Benchmark for providing the nation's fastest and best internet service.

The Challenge

While they are renowned for their high-speed and reliable telecommunication connections, Sunrise faced the challenge of connecting their employees across their extensive, decentralized store network.

Remo Pastori, Sales Process Manager at Sunrise, elaborates on the company’s desire to connect, motivate and promote competition among their retail employees, ultimately aiming to increase sales:

"In our decentralized store structure with 90 shops… we want to push sales teams and areas, stimulate competition amongst employees–and at the end of the day, that means more sales."

The Solution: Why Plecto?

Having previously relied on manual data entry in Excel spreadsheets, Sunrise re-digitized and reorganized its complex data structure of multiple streams and sources. This information has seamlessly been integrated into Plecto’s centralized data management application.

Here’s how Plecto helped Sunrise achieve the motivation and easily understood visualization of performance data they needed:

Sunrise Plecto Usage Graphic.png

Sales Dashboards and Slideshows

With 934 dashboards across their more than 100 stores, Sunrise predominantly uses Plecto’s sales dashboards to display important KPIs, including the following data - calculated for each individual, team, and region:

  • Sales (Mobile Phone, Fixed Landline, Accessories)
  • Footfall
  • Conversion Rate
  • Order Volume
Partners - Sunrise KPIs Dashboard Example.png

With masses of data generated by their 101 custom-formulated KPIs, Sunrise displays the most relevant information of their choosing on sales dashboards positioned in the staff area at the back of each retail store. Remo and his colleagues arranged these dashboards into slideshows lasting for approximately 2 minutes that are played on repeat.

This allows sales associates and managerial employees to compare performance against targets in a succinct and easily-consumable way that fits naturally into their workflow.

Achievements & Badges

The Achievements gamification feature was the perfect solution for handling data and recognition for sales associates who had worked at multiple shops or locations. In this way, a staff member who reaches their monthly mobile phone sales target in one store would receive a Badge icon next to their name and profile. This would be visible to all other employees regardless of which store they work in, ultimately improving the unity and connectivity between employees in different store locations that Sunrise sought to achieve.

Partners - Badges Examples Sunrise UPC.png

Instant Notifications

Alternatively, the challenge of cross-location sales agents was resolved through the use of Instant Notifications, that is, alerts tailored to show up on dashboards in specific stores. Notifications are yet another form of gamification that the telecommunications giant used to improve performance. This was particularly important in the common case that an employee had worked in different Sunrise store locations.

The Results

Employee Acceptance, Satisfaction, and Connectivity

Since launching Plecto in retail stores throughout Switzerland, employees welcomed the competitive aspect of the implementation and appreciated being able to see the performance of others. In this way, the boundaries imposed by location were eliminated and everyone was able to put a face to the name of employees they potentially had not worked with before. The visibility of sales performance fostered a supportive environment where recognition for employee achievements boosted individual and team morale.

"The best feedback we have is the acceptance… our sales agents are happy to see how they work — they can compare themselves. This is the best success we have seen, that our front line is completely accepting Plecto and they are happy to have it there!"

Remo Pastori

Sales Process Manager at Sunrise

Increase Friendly Competition and Improve Performance

Stimulating sales agents’ innate sense of competitiveness and drive to be the best, Sunrise exceeded its aims to increase competition between employees through data visualization dashboards and gamification features such as Contests, Achievements, and Notifications.

Partners - Regional Leaderboard Example Sunrise.png

"The biggest impact has been the gamification. The team and cross-regional overview and the possibility to work with the achievements are great for giving the employees the opportunity to compare their sales power."

Remo Pastori

Sales Process Manager at Sunrise

Improved Awareness of KPIs and Targets

Prior to implementing the data visualization dashboards, much of Sunrise's sales KPI and target documentation was limited to individual performance reports. As employees are greeted by these dashboards each time they enter the office, they have a much greater understanding of the KPIs and their actual performance towards targets. Plecto’s offerings have allowed for a more personalized and far more efficient method of viewing this information.

Final Thoughts on Plecto

With his sales teams' performance and the success of Plecto visible, Remo had the opportunity to reflect on what it is that works so well for Sunrise. In doing so, the sales operations lead was able to offer some words of wisdom for others looking to achieve noteworthy improvements to their sales teams.

Since Sunshine retail associates typically looked quickly at the dashboards during break time as they were positioned in the stores’ back staff area, Remo advised keeping it short and simple. He recommended not putting too much information per dashboard and reducing the duration of a slideshow so no one is waiting around for 5 minutes to see a piece of information they may have missed. This means employees are able to do more of what they are best at — selling — and spend less time on tasks most sales agents find bureaucratic and reading reports!

Finally, the innovation that both Plecto and Sunrise supports is undoubtedly part of the reason the sales initiative has been so well received at the Swiss telecom giant. So, don't be afraid to experiment or do things differently! Taking the initiative to simply change the way sales employees received their performance, targets, and KPI information to a visual data dashboard version was yet another example of Sunrise’s fearless use of technology. The far-reaching effects of this change exceeded even the organization’s expectations.

Experiment with contests! Use what you know about your employees to incentivize them — a chance to leave early on Fridays, the loser has to make beverages for everyone at staff drinks, a voucher to eat out at a restaurant, a trip to Korea… the options are endless! The prize doesn’t have to blow your budget but it’s likely to add that extra motivation that will pay off.

We are committed to data privacy. All dashboard images in this blog post have been provided by our customer Sunrise. Names and identification photos have been blurred out for security. Plecto does not access customer dashboards without written consent.



Integrations used with Plecto


"Our sales agents are happy to see how they work–they can compare themselves and they are happy to have Plecto there!"

Remo Pastori Sunrise B&W.png

Remo Pastori

Sales Process Manager at Sunrise

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