Challenge: lacked an easy overview of performance (formerly Zitcom) is the parent company of 30 different cloud and hosting brands in Europe incl. ScanNet, Wannafind, and DanDomain in the Nordics. With almost 200,000 customers, more than 1,000 employees and a market valuation of more than 1 billion USD, is a busy tech giant in significant growth. Every day they handle a lot of data distributed on their different brands. Before using Plecto, was not able to use their data to the fullest. Anders Eiler, CSO for E-commerce in, tells about the problem they faced:

”We lacked an easy overview of our KPIs and had no way to track and present targets and achievements in an engaging and motivating way for employees.”

One of the things most important to when choosing their visualization tool was the integrations provided; one of the most important was Flexfone. Flexfone has been with through their many years of growth and thanks to a direct integration with Plecto was able to visualize their important business KPI’s from Flexfone in Plecto.

Customers - Plecto customer case study with Team blue dashboard

Solution: Real-time Dashboards on TV screens in the office started by using the integrations with Flexfone and Intercom to showcase their real-time customer support and success data. Since then, they’ve used the great Plecto API to integrate their sales data and visualize this in Plecto. In order to keep engagement and motivation, sky-high has several Plecto screens around the office, giving all employees insights to performance.  Anders tells how they use Plecto: 

"We use Plecto to show progress vs. targets, but also to visualize our agent’s 'pending work', outbound calls due today, sales requests we need to answer and much more - it helps us get an overview of our current state"

Anders Eiler

CSO E-Commerce, has experienced the greatness of the integrations Plecto provides. They started by using only a few integrations, but today they use various numbers of integrations incl. Google Analytics and Ads, Facebook, Intercom, and several integrations through Zapier. They’ve continued using Flexfone as one of their most essential data sources in Plecto. As Anders tells;

”The integration with Flexfone allows me to get a fast overview of the number of inbound calls distributed on teams and employees. One of the great things about Flexfone and Plecto combined is that the integration uses webhooks, which gives us real-time time insights.”

As an example; with the integration, Anders can see how many agents are speaking at the moment - the data updates in Plecto within seconds. 

One of the things that makes it easy to work with Plecto is their excellent Customer Support and Success team. Gathering a lot of data in one place can be complex, but whenever help is needed, whether it is in the onboarding process or when you get a new idea for a motivating dashboard, the Plecto team is always there to help you.”

With Gamification features Anders and the rest of the management team have found an easy way to motivate their employees to perform better. They use different notifications for their sales and development departments to celebrate every win and acknowledge their colleagues when they do a great job.

Customers - Plecto customer case study with Team blue dashboard overview

Results: Better company culture, increased transparency and green numbers

Plecto solved’s problem; It has given them a clear overview of pending tasks and overall performance. But it has done much more than that. Gamification and visualization has helped increase employee engagement.

”Through gamification and visualization, Plecto has helped improve the company culture. We now experience a much better buy-in from our employees who take responsibility for the company’s key results. There’s a great team focus on ”getting the numbers green” by achieving targets. The increased engagement and motivation help us reach ambitious goals.” has experienced the power of Plecto by themselves, and Anders recommend everyone who considers a visualization tool to try it out:

"The effects show immediately and gives a better transparency to all employees, raising their motivation and desire to do good for the sake of the team and the company. Plecto has definitely helped us improve performance."

Anders Eiler

CSO E-Commerce,

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