Case Summary


  • Getting an overview of product sales, budgets, team performance, etc.
  • Simplifying the insurance sales process while showing relevant data to drive reps' performance
  • Displaying data in a visually appealing, simple way that reps can quickly understand & act on.


Dashboards: Visual, accessible, user-friendly sales data that help reps sell more
Contests: Performance comparison and motivation for agents.
Reports: A deep dive into the more detailed data when needed.
Mobile App: Access performance on a lunch break or when out of office.


  • Clear and easy visualization of detailed sales performance data
  • 60% employee growth
  • Positive comparisons and competitive culture
  • Created a motivating mindset with sales reps eager to outperform each other

Company Background

Established in 2015, Försäkringsservice Stockholm AB is the entity responsible for managing sales on behalf of Länsförsäkringar Stockholm, one of the largest of 23 customer-owned regional insurance companies that make up Länsförsäkringar AB. A subsidiary of the Eurapco Insurance Alliance Group, Länsförsäkringar’s 7,900 employees aim to offer its 4 million customers across Sweden, a full coverage solution in the form of non-life, car, home & contents, personal accident, and medical insurance, in addition to pension-saving plans, life assurance, fund savings, and banking services.

The Challenge

Försäkringsservice needed a way to get an easy and quick overview of sales performance that reps would understand, and motivate them to perform even better. William Seyf, CEO & Co-Founder of Försäkringsseervice Stockholm, outlines that, “I analyze a lot of numbers to improve sales. But I wanted access to the basic statistics.”

William sympathizes with the already highly regulated and arduous sales process and doesn’t want to overcomplicate the process further. A simplified option for the busy CEO and sales agents is what William sought:

"I wanted to get an overview of performance. I wanted to show the more basic statistics that the agents understand, and that pushes them to higher limits and higher levels."

William Seyf

CEO & Co-Founder of Försäkringsservice Stockholm

The Solution: Why Plecto?

“Plecto creates positive stress. Because you don’t want to be last, right? You have the other agent’s sales visible. And it creates a motivating mindset in my team to make more sales,” says William. It’s the combination of motivation and user-friendliness that makes Plecto the ideal solution for Försäkringsservice: “You get it visually. It looks good. It’s very user-friendly.” Försäkringsservice sales teams and CEO are visualizing, comparing, and driving better performance with Plecto.

  • Plecto Real-time Dashboards
  • Plecto Contests
  • Plecto Real-Time Reports
  • The Plecto App



"Everything has improved since Plecto has been there. When team performance totals were shown… this had a great effect on motivation and pushed people toward higher highs!"

William Seyf Länsförsäkringsservice Stockholm.jpeg

William Seyf

CEO & Co-Founder of Försäkringsservice Stockholm

Results at a glance

Better sales overview

  • Simplified sales performance overview
  • More efficient on the activities that matter
  • Real-time performance updates

More competitive and motivated

  • Positive comparison and competitive culture
  • Motivation-boosting contests
  • Better sales performance

Performance accessible anywhere, anytime

  • Plecto app for mobile, computer, iPad, smart watch and TVs!
  • Access to critical KPIs anywhere, anytime in real-time

The Results

A Simplified Overview of Sales Performance

With Plecto, Försäkringsseervice achieved a quick and easy overview of the metrics that matter to them. For both inbound and outbound sales teams, it has never been easier to visualize sales within different product categories and different budgets.

On their 15 real-time dashboards, the insurance brokerage visualizes the following KPIs on overall team dashboards and personal employee dashboards:

  • Number of each product sold (5-item product line)
  • Total sales
  • Turnover
  • Value of deals
  • Salary/commission (personal dashboards)

While William has access to all of the more detailed data (including budgets, how many meetings are booked, and the number of offers sent out) through the internal CRM system, sales agents only see data that is simple and relevant to them. “Everything has improved since Plecto has been there,” offers William.

More Efficient on the Activities That Matter

Instead of flooding his sales reps with more manual work and a sea of complex data that has no relevance to them, William displayed only relevant data that his sales reps would need to improve performance, on Plecto dashboards.

The results of making performance data visual… and visually appealing?
Reps are more efficient and able to take immediate action on the activities that have the greatest effect on revenue. Sales reps at Försäkringsseervice were better able to understand the effects of their everyday sales efforts on their results and salary, and where the best opportunities were in the pipeline–and ultimately have been able to sell more!

Lansforsakringar Stockholm.jpeg

Positive Comparison & Competitive Culture

William wanted his reps’ performance to be driven by these insights, for them to compare their performance, and be motivated to outperform their previous performance or their colleagues… and this is exactly what happened!

William explains, “So basically you can see your colleague's scores, including how many deals or contracts they have made.” Individual efforts improved as each rep wanted to be the best while contributing as much as possible to the success of their whole team targets, creating a culture of healthy competition and teamwork.

Cool Contests to Hot Destinations

One such exciting contest that Försäkringsseervice ran was to encourage sales reps to hit or exceed their product sales targets. The prize? A seat on the kick-off trip to Marbella! The outcome? William unlocked the opportunity to boost and celebrate the performance of his entire team, instead of just recognizing one superstar performer. While individual performance was kept private to each employee, all agents were privy to overall product sales. “And what a trip it was,” adds William.

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A Motivating Mindset Without the Upset

With visualization came motivation. By making individual performance visible on personalized employee dashboards, agents could see the results of their everyday efforts.

"When team performance totals were shown… this had a great effect on motivation and pushed people toward higher highs!”"

William Seyf

CEO & Co-Founder of Försäkringsservice Stockholm

Not only was this motivating in the sense that they could see the fruits of their labor and how this contributed to team targets while encouraging a friendly culture of competition, but it also directly corresponded to their salary.

Motivated by Salary

William understands that what motivates salespeople is, for the most part, competition, recognition, and money. This was the underlying reason William decided to show the agent’s salaries on employees’ personal dashboards (note: these are not accessible or visible to other agents!) He explains that explicitly making activity metrics visible to each agent “gives them a good visual of how their salary will be. Some KPIs are connected to the commission they will get, so it creates motivation to work even harder.”

The Perfect Real-Time Recap With a Simple App!

For the busy CEO, staying in the loop while out of the office was something that he was able to do with ease using Plecto. “I use Plecto on my phone, sometimes on my Apple watch, too. I get the notifications on there as well.”

"Getting access to the basic information in a fast way on my phone, while I’m on holiday or on a lunch break… Plecto is an easy way of doing that."

William Seyf

CEO & Co-Founder of Försäkringsservice Stockholm

As for the sales reps, William continues, “They always have Plecto on their computer. They register their sales (and there are a lot of sales each day) and immediately see the effect on their dashboard. Some have the app on their phone.”

While the app provided the ‘quick overview’ William sought to achieve, he uses real-time reports to get more detailed information, like how many meetings each rep has booked, what stage of the pipeline deals are at, and the insight into offers sent out. For William, “the reports are good for checking with our internal CRM system. That’s a way for me to see where sales are at in the pipeline.”

Final Thoughts on Plecto

Försäkringsseervice found a solution to simplify and visualize their sales performance data with Plecto.

William’s resounding final thoughts: “I would absolutely recommend Plecto. I get everything that I need in the package. It’s definitely good to listen to what the Plecto team has to say–the ones helping with the onboarding–listen to their input, as they’re very helpful.”

We are committed to data privacy. All dashboard images in this blog post have been provided by our customer, Försäkringsservice Stockholm. Names and identification photos have been blurred out for security. Plecto does not access customer dashboards without written consent.

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