Challenge: A wish to better engagement, motivation and performance.

When Yasar Mehmood started as Head of the Telemarketing Department in Animal Protection Denmark (Dyrenes Beskyttelse), in 2017, an important goal for him was to ensure employee satisfaction and make it fun to go to work. Animal Protection Denmark is an NGO - through their emergency phone and telemarketing department, they help you help animals in need. There is no doubt that the purpose of creating a sustainable relationship between animals and humans is good, but when starting his position in 2017, Yasar discovered a culture challenge;

“When I joined Animal Protection Denmark, the telemarketing team had no dashboard giving the team insights to their sales performance. Although there was a whiteboard, the agents were afraid to take responsibility and share their success stories when signing up a new member. The employees had no insights into their own and team performance, and nobody celebrated the daily, weekly, and monthly wins.”

Yasar wanted to better engagement, motivation and make it easy for employees to take responsibility for all of what he hoped would create a healthy team atmosphere and a fun work environment, which was why he turned to Plecto.

Customers - Plecto customer case study with Dyrenes Beskyttelse dashboard support

Solution: A Plecto solution with a full overview, gamification features and automation.

Yasar wanted to make sure that all employees were on board when rolling out a workplace with an increased focus on performance and gamification.

“It was crucial for me to make sure that the employees were on board. You can’t make the most out of a new tool if the whole team isn’t with you. I wished to make sure that they wanted to take responsibility for their own performance.”

As the atmosphere was not geared to this new focus, to begin with, he started by using the whiteboards. He used pictures of the employees and magnets to showcase the sales KPI’s to establish a basic understanding of the most important KPI’s.

“In 2017, showcasing sales statistics on a screen in the office would have been received negatively. I included the employees in the process and asked them where they wanted to take the department. We needed to make transparency and visibility normal in the company, which was why we used pictures of the employees to showcase individual performance. Once this new understanding of performance and KPI’s was established, together with the employees, we found that a dashboard solution would increase engagement and motivation. All of what would help us fulfill our purpose to help animals in need and create a sustainable relationship between animals, humans, and nature.”

Through excellent change management and by asking the employees where they wished to take the company, Yasar was able to implement Plecto in 2018.

“The whiteboard was like a mini version of Plecto, but once I had the full buy-in from the employees, there was no question that we should turn to Plecto to improve the performance culture with advanced features, gamification, automation, and a complete overview.”

Animal Protection Denmark started by customizing simple Plecto dashboards using the integration with HeroBase to showcase call statistics, campaigns, and average contribution. Yasar wanted to make sure that Plecto was applied to the fullest and sought to get personal support by choosing the Large package.

“We choose the large package to get the most out of Plecto. A dedicated Customer Support Manager and phone support gives flexibility and allows us to save resources.“

Since implementing Plecto in 2018, the team experienced that the agents asked for more insights, which have caused Animal Protection Denmark to gear up their Plecto setup. What started as a simple dashboard has now become a tool used to visualize the whole process of sales as well as supporting KPI’s such as cross-sales, up sales, newsletter statistics, and much more.

"Plecto showed out to be an extraordinary, effective, and flexible tool which has brought us a lot of value both financially and for the motivation, employee satisfaction, and the culture in general."

Yasar Mehmood

Head of Telemarketing at Animal Protection Denmark

Results: Remarkable results and improvement important KPI's.

“The results of implementing Plecto has been remarkable. The employees take ownership and responsibility of the company’s key results continuously, asking to get more insights into more data. Implementing Plecto has created an atmosphere where we share our personal knowledge with each other. Visualizing performance makes for a great conversation about how we can get better together.”

In the past years, Animal Protection Denmark has been on quite a journey. Before using Plecto, the telemarketing team employed six agents and one team manager; now, they are 25 employees and three team managers. The organization has improved various KPI’s, and as Yasar tells, Plecto has been a part of this journey:

“The past years, we’ve done a lot of things to improve the atmosphere, and the performance, using Plecto to make data and insights available to all employees, has, without doubt, supported this. Our hit rate has increased from 7,95 % to 10 %; this means a 25 % improvement over two years.”

The people attentive change management has proved that engaged employees perform better. But the hit rate is not the only KPI Animal Protection Denmark has managed to affect positively after implementing Plecto.

“The average contribution has increased by 20 %. The increase in the contribution has happened on the grounds of improved employee motivation. It’s very simple – once you showcase performance and show trust in your team, all employees are motivated and take responsibility to reach higher goals.”

The results Yasar and the rest of the team in Animal Protection Denmark have been able to create show that you can reach higher goals when you work together in an environment build on trust and transparency.

"In 2017, gamification and visualization was something completely unknown to the team. Now it has become a ground foundation and a tool that no one in the company can live without."

Yasar Mehmood

Head of Telemarketing at Animal Protection Denmark


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