Challenge: The team in Shaping New Tomorrow was looking for an overview of their data that would allow them to act on the insights and boost performance.

In 2018 Shaping New Tomorrow appeared on Danish national TV in Shark Tank, and the appearance caught the Danish media and the consumers' attention. The company afterward experienced a rapid growth journey boosting both revenue and profits every month. Kasper Ulrich, CEO, and co-founder of Shaping New Tomorrow elaborates the companies key value propositions:

“Shaping New tomorrow is an innovative menswear concept – making it easy to look and feel good. We infuse the highest level of comfort into our classic, tailored clothing.”

Like many other leaders, Kasper always works to improve performance and keep his team motivated. And this was the reason why they turned to Plecto – to get a complete overview of their numbers and use data insights to improve motivation and performance.

"For me, it’s crucial that we have an overview of our numbers, but also that we are able to act on these numbers."

Kasper Ulrich

CEO, and co-founder of Shaping New Tomorrow

Partners - Plecto case study with Shaping New Tomorrow coats

Solution: A cross-department solution to increase sales and motivate the team.

With both retail stores and an e-commerce webshop, Shaping New Tomorrow came to discover that Plecto is a great tool to boost performance and motivation across departments. In their flagship store in Aalborg and in their newest store in the heart of the fashionable part of Copenhagen, the team uses Plecto to give an overview and boost performance:

“In our stores, we use Plecto for motivation of the employees and to increase their sales level. We look at their average basket value, conversion rate, and so on.”

With Plecto, Shaping New Tomorrow can customize their visualization to their needs on department and employee level, which is also why it makes a lot of sense, that the team uses Plecto in their Customer Care Department as well.

“In our customer care department, we have a totally different dashboard, where we look at average resolution time, average reply time, and the satisfaction scores distributed on different channels such as phone and chat.

As a great leader, Kasper knows that motivated and engaged employees are the foundation of any successful company, which is why Shaping New Tomorrow uses Plecto to support their work with employee satisfaction.

“We use gamification in the customer care department. Once the agents get a custom set amount of great reviews, we use notifications and achievements. This is a fun way to implement motivation for our employees.”

Partners - Plecto case study with Shaping New Tomorrow The Perfect Pants

Results: Visible, available, and motivating data insights.

Seeking to reach ambitious results, Plecto has become an essential tool to support the work in Shaping New Tomorrow.

“Our customer satisfaction is extremely important for us, which is one of the reasons why we have Plecto in our customer service. Our customer satisfaction score has an average of 99 %, which we are extremely proud of, and we are planning to get the 100 % next month.”

Not many companies has experienced the same growth that Shaping New Tomorrow has had in the past years, and the team has no plans to stop here. The company is aiming for the stars with extreme growth rates in all important areas.

“With Plecto, our data is now visible, available, and motivating for all employees. Our company grew more than 1000 % last year, and we are growing more than 300 % this year. Last year we were five employees, this year we are 30, and next year we will be 60. I would definitely recommend Plecto to anyone who is to scale up their company.”

"I would definitely recommend Plecto to anyone who is to scale up their company."

Kasper Ulrich

CEO, and co-founder of Shaping New Tomorrow

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