Case Summary


  • Lacked time to accomplish all planned work activities
  • Needed a way to motivate sales teams and improve performance
  • Improve data quality and make more accurate data-driven decisions


Dashboards: Automate sales performance visualization across teams internationally and in real-time
Gamification: Exciting contests and notifications that motivate employees to step performance up
Plecto Mobile App: Access to live performance insights anywhere, anytime.


  • Skyrocketed revenue: “The best results Ageras Nordic has ever done in their entire history”
  • Saved significant time and improved data accuracy through automation
  • Alignment, connectivity, and friendly competition between teams globally

Company Background

Since its establishment in 2012, the Ageras Group has become the leading provider of banking, accounting, and administrative software for small businesses across Europe and the US. With over 350 employees and 5,000+ expert partners providing customized accounting solutions to their 200,000 monthly users worldwide, its no surprise the Investcorp-backed company has been recognized as EY Entrepreneur of the Year Startup (2016) and received E-handelprisen’s 2017 Best B2B Business award.

The Challenge

Ageras needed a way to simultaneously improve employee motivation and data accuracy to ultimately increase sales performance.

Jesper Larsen, Head of Sales Nordic at Ageras, took responsibility for finding a sales performance tool that would “increase performance by visualizing data dashboards and using gamification.” It was particularly important that the system would be connected seamlessly with Pipedrive, which is used profusely throughout the digital accounting firm.

The Solution: Why Plecto?

“The good thing about Plecto, other than being extremely UX friendly, is also that it drives so much value for the salespeople we have at Ageras. Plecto is great for getting the quick and easy understanding of our performance. It looks good. The ‘bling-bling’ (of the gamification) is super great. And the price is comparable.” As far as integrating important data from other systems goes, Jesper continues, “We easily integrated our Pipedrive data with Plecto. It was basically plug-and-play, and then it was live!”

Here’s how Plecto helped Ageras achieve the visualization, motivation, and globalization of their performance data that they needed:


  • Inbound sales team
  • Outbound sales team
  • Field sales
  • Management


Plecto Real-Time Dashboards & Contests

  • Accurate data visualization in real-time for the entire team, entire market, global markets, Nordics, Copenhagen, etc. in different countries/locations
  • “Wall of Fame” frames on Plecto dashboards to recognize top performers
  • A few dashboards rotate around on slideshows to keep the whole company updated on crucial KPIs: meetings (held or booked) and revenue
Ageras Wall of Fame.png

Plecto Instant Notifications

  • Alerted when a “goal” (aka meeting booked or deal won) was scored during Ageras’ internal World Cup contest
  • Recognized reps when key milestones were hit, motivating them even more!
  • Plays a sound on the speakers and a notification pops up on the screen
Ageras World Cup Edited.png

The Plecto App

  • Having the Plecto live widgets on the iPhone is perfect for our inbound, outbound, and field sales teams”


  • 8 TV screens showing all teams across each country's performance
  • Anywhere! Anyone in Ageras could access their and their colleagues’ performance anywhere there is a screen – mobile, desktop, working remotely, or on TVs
Plecto Mobile App iPhone Widgets Ageras.png



Integrations used with Plecto

Pipedrive Pipedrive Dixa Dixa

"I love Plecto's customer support. I love the UX–it's super user-friendly. And I love all the visualizations and notifications on the screen. I love Plecto."

Jesper Sebastian Larsen Ageras Profile Rounded.png

Jesper Sebastian Larsen

Head of Sales Nordics at Ageras

Results at a glance

25 real-time dashboards

For a clear, complete overview of performance

83 custom formulas

Centralized and integrated all in one place

7,325 "goals" scored

During the Ageras World Cup qualifiers contest

6 Ageras team countries

Connected & cloning world-class performance

The Results

The Best Year in Ageras’ History: Outrunning revenue goals

In Ageras Nordics, Plecto has been one of the leading factors in the company’s incredible success during 2022. Jesper reports, “In the Nordics, having Plecto has for sure affected our revenue.”

"During 2022, we have, in the Nordic countries, achieved the best results we have ever achieved in our entire history. Of course, the people are a huge factor in this, but visualization of sales certainly improved the numbers, too."

Jesper Sebastian Larsen

Head of Sales Nordic at Ageras

The access to and simplification of performance data through visualization has simultaneously saved Ageras significant time that would otherwise have been spent manually sorting through data: “If we didn’t have a tool like Plecto… it takes so much time to find results and information that we may not even look for it in the end.”

This means that Jesper has so much more time to accomplish the cool ideas and plans he wants to initiate within Ageras’ sales teams!

The Simple & Motivating Solution for All Sorts of Salespeople

Jesper knows that “salespeople are super different.” There are those who have the perfect overview of their pipeline and then there is the more unstructured type of salespeople who don’t want the hassle of administration and just want to sell.

“Plecto shows results in a visual and motivating way that is great for all kinds of people, including the unstructured salesperson who doesn’t know anything about how other people are performing, and can now actually see all their colleagues’ results.

"The visualization of all our performance at Ageras is really great with Plecto. And since salespeople are typically extremely competitive, being able to see their colleagues' performance, gives them a huge lift in their own performance."

Jesper Sebastian Larsen

Reproducing Peers’ Top Performance

Being able to see how other teams are performing across locations, has helped to bolster company alignment and performance even more. Jesper explains, “We have 8 screens showing not only the Danish markets, but also other markets handled outside of the Copenhagen office, which includes the German, the Dutch, and the American market. So Plecto helps us get a better understanding of how the performance is in these countries.”

“Not only to see the performance but also to learn from each other. That is if the American market is performing well… why is that? And then we can replicate that”

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Final Thoughts on Plecto

Wanting others to share in the same success, Jesper offers, “I actually already have recommended Plecto. And they’re planning on using it!”

When it comes to the implementation, Jesper adds that you should not shy away from reaching out to customer support: “During the first 6 months when I had a ton of questions, Plecto’s support team was a huge, huge help!”

"I love Plecto’s customer support. I love the UX–it’s super user-friendly. And I love all the visualizations and notifications on the screen. I love Plecto."

Jesper Sebastian Larsen

We are committed to data privacy. All dashboard images in this blog post have been provided by our customer, Ageras. Names and identification photos have been blurred out or altered for security. Plecto does not access customer dashboards without written consent.

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