The Company

Förebygg, a market-leading Swedish company that develops home and digital security services, started its journey in 2015 as a reseller of standalone fire and smoke detector products. After six years of brand-building and seeing growth in its revenue and company size, Förebygg now offers several digital security services and products—such as identity theft protection for small to medium-sized businesses—and they'll soon release a home burglar alarm system. From a small team of 30 employees based in Sweden, Förebygg has now grown to approximately 150 employees with its subsidiaries around the world in just two years!

With the ambition of motivating its employees across offices—and improving customers’ view of its products and services—Förebygg fused data into its strategy and implemented a data-driven approach with Plecto. The company started by incorporating features like visualizing real-time data from its sales telemarketing system. Today, the company's requirements have increased, to visualize marketing data, customer satisfaction and it plans to integrate real-time data from its CRM systems to improve the customer experience.

Challenge: In the beginning, Förebygg used simple, manually-created dashboards to track sales revenue per sales rep. However, as the company grew, this proved to be time consuming and ineffective because the system was unable to group and/or separate sales figures of resellers working in different offices. Förebygg needed a way to automate this data collection and display real-time data across locations.

Solution: Förebygg turned to Plecto to centralize data in one place, oversee sales and customer support team performance, automate repetitive tasks and reduce time in setting up dashboards to visualize the entire business' performance, and to unite and motivate employees across different locations in Sweden, Cyprus and the Canary Islands.

Teams using Plecto:

Sales, Customer service, Administration (i.e., sales agents' salaries; work production)

By implementing Plecto's features, Förebygg has achieved:

Detailed Business Overview—Easy-to-set-up dashboards allow Förebygg to measure and oversee a combination of more than 300 KPIs through real-time 40 dashboards.

Team Engagement & Motivation—Through sales contests, Förebygg engages, motivates and connects sales teams across 4 different locations in Sweden.

Repetitive Tasks Automation—Förebygg saves 8 hours per day by automating repetitive tasks for the organization’s operation.

Business Structure—The user profile management & Business structure feature, allows Förebygg to build business structure and allow the right level of access to the right data at the right time.

Team Alignment—Smartphone and apple watch widgets keep all employees aligned through notification features and dashboards with real-time data.

Partners - Overview Dashboard Forebygg

Static dashboards vs. real-time dashboards

“If you ask one of our sales representatives (SR) who's been with us for a couple of years, ‘What do you think about the scoreboard system three years ago vs. today?’ the answer would be that it's not even comparable. We had one static dashboard, and we couldn't change it without contacting a developer,” says Johan Hilding, CEO and Co-Founder of Förebygg.

Förebygg previously struggled with providing its sales team with a real-time visualization of their performance. Limited to manually collecting the data and creating simple dashboards—for example, to show sales revenue per sales rep—the company realized that this was incredibly time-consuming and ineffective. The sales team lacked important actionable data because updating their dashboards was difficult, took too long, and resulted in obsolete data.

Now, with Plecto, Förebygg has built more than 40 dashboards measuring over 300 different KPIs customized for each product and service—and they all update automatically with real-time information. Plecto also enables Förebygg to gather data from different systems, merge them into one, create new KPIs, and perform new calculations based on aggregated data from different systems.

The possibility to really merge data sources into one KPI or several KPIs is so simple! Also with the new KPI builder, it's even easier for people who don't know much about Excel and formulas,” adds Hilding.

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Partners - Sales Dashboard Forebygg

Uniting teams across locations

With approximately 150 employees scattered across regions, Förebygg needed a central data hub—a real-time business performance platform where it could track inbound and outbound sales, customer experiences, and administrative work. Most importantly, the company was keen to find a way of keeping its scattered teams united and motivated.

After implementing Plecto, Förebygg quickly realized that it could automate the process of collecting and organizing data—instantly updating its teams regardless of where they're sitting. Förebygg has started running monthly contests among SRs, which keeps motivation high and boosts performance. The company set up one of its latest contests in just 15 minutes using Plecto’s dashboards and rolled it out to its Sweden-based teams in Varberg, Malmo, Kista, and Sundsvall.

"Since we have a lot of resellers in different offices that work with our products, we're able to install these contests’ slideshows in every office in just 10-15 minutes. And when we want to display important information to everyone—a competition, an upgrade or change of notifications, or changing KPIs—we simply make the changes in the platform and update the slideshows. All of our employees immediately have the same information on their TVs or we can push a message or notification to their mobile phones in seconds, which is amazing,” says Hilding.

Partners - Contest in 4 locations Forebygg

Creating a central data hub

Since implementing Plecto, Förebygg saves at least 8 hours every day just from team leaders not having to manually organize and gather data. To maximize revenue performance, boost employee engagement, and retain customers, Förebygg anticipates using Plecto to accelerate its digital transformation and real-time data measurement in different areas of the business, such as customer service and administration organization.

The centralization and automation of data collection in one platform is essential to Förebygg's future as the company looks to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, like manual data collection, building reports, and updating dashboards—improving currency and giving teams the real-time data they need to reach their targets.

So our needs and goals today are to measure everything in Plecto, from our sales, digital marketing and customer service—to our administration. In fact, we are currently working to migrate our customer service into a platform that can pool and send data to Plecto in real-time. That's the goal—to have everything connected. Plecto is becoming the central hub for our data,” says Hilding.

Partners - Customer Support Dashboard Forebygg

Helping the organization in many ways

“If I could describe Plecto in one word it would beall-in-one, states Hilding.

Förebygg has expanded its use of Plecto to the administration department, making it easier and more accessible for sales reps to see their earnings. This also reduces the amount of time spent on reporting by automatically calculating each agent's salary, which normally is commission based or minimum-guarantee, based on a formula.

Instead of having to manually maintain several Excel spreadsheets containing salary information, Förebygg uses this formula as a KPI to visualize the real-time profitability per agent. It also includes dynamic numbers, such as dialer and lead cost per agent, as well as competition costs.

The company currently has two to three dashboards referencing these dynamic numbers. It also plans to create office overviews tracking the profitability of all its offices and partners in Sweden, the Canary Islands, and Cyprus.

Plecto is definitely helping the organization in many ways! It is simply up to the user to decide how far to go, anything can be integrated and visualized.” concludes Hilding.

*Disclaimer: All dashboard pictures in this blog post have been provided by our customer Förebygg. Plecto does not access customer dashboards without written consent.

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