Case Summary


  • Relied on physical whiteboards to display performance data
  • Needed a way to motivate its youthful performance-based sales & customer service teams
  • Simplify data for frontline agents & make more data-driven decisions to optimize performance


Dashboards: Automate sales performance visualization across teams internationally and in real-time
Gamification: Tour de France contest, notifications, and achievements to motivate employees
TV screens: Display celebratory data, notifications & YouTube videos for the entire call center


  • “A lot of gamification works wonders out here to make sure people are having fun and motivated!”
  • “100% correct data all the time” through automation of data source integration & dashboards
  • CEO & team managers “can get a very quick overview” aided by dashboard conditional colors

Company Background

Denmark’s first Danish online telecommunications company, Telmore is recognized for being more than just a mobile subscription service, boasting its own streaming and entertainment service, Telmore Play, to over 200,000 Danish users. Telmore has been responsible for delivering the best network service to over 700,000 customers since its establishment in October 2000 (under its parent company, Nuuday) and was awarded “Denmark’s Best Customer Service” by Wilkes in 2017 and 2019.

The Challenge

Telmore needed a way to improve employee motivation to ultimately increase sales and customer service performance amongst its young employee base in a fast-moving industry.

Emil Pedersen, Performance Specialist at Telmore–having worked as a frontline agent in the earlier stages of his career at Nuuday’s child company, YouSee–knew the importance of a sales motivation tool, particularly given the performance-driven nature of the job.

“When you’re working with employees that are straight off high school, we need to make everything nice– viewing nice–but we also need to make everything simple. So they can go straight in and use the data from day one” explains Emil.

The Solution: Why Plecto?

Emil saw Telmore’s move to new Roskilde offices as a “nice opportunity to update to digital dashboards” for data transparency and incorporate more sales gamification for motivation. “My main goal from Plecto is that it’s purely motivational, purely celebration,” explains the performance specialist. This aligned well with the company’s strategy within performance management, “to make data as transparent as possible, so we can act on it. [The agents] are quite motivated by data, and we want to do it even more so. Which is also why we use Plecto.”

Given the competitiveness of the telecommunications industry, the real-time aspect of Plecto was a winning formula for Telmore. Emil explains that “Working with data, I like having data as live as possible. And having it update the way it does in Plecto, works really well. Especially now with all the integrations from the data sources that we trust. So, I like the dashboard function a lot. Our sales are live, completely live. So as soon as an agent registers it, it will appear up on the screen.”

Here’s how Plecto helped Telmore achieve the motivation and easily understood visualization of performance data they needed:

Telmore Plecto Usage Graphic 1.png Telmore Plecto Usage Graphic 2.png

The Results

The Motivating Solution for Youthful Employees

According to Emil, the introduction of visualizable digital sales contests, video notifications, and alerts has been very successful in boosting motivation amongst the particularly young employee base at Telmore: “The impact of Plecto can be seen in daily interactions where there are employees pointing to the dashboard screen and saying, ‘Hey, you’re up there on the leaderboard’ to a colleague or laughing at the YouTube videos. This has definitely led to an increase in happiness to be at work.”

"It’s very young, so a lot of gamification just works wonders out here to make sure people are having fun and motivated! You can see it in competitions, when it’s working live, you can see that it’s very motivating."

Emil Gjørup Pedersen

Performance Specialist at Telmore

100% Live, Accurate Data

At Telmore, having real-time data has proven to give the telecommunications giant and its young employee base a competitive edge. “The live part of the sales competitions has worked wonders with Plecto. Our agents can see how their colleagues are doing all the time. So basically every time someone goes ahead, you can see it, you can up your motivation and you can try to sell even harder. That is working really well,” explains Emil.

Emil was particularly taken by the benefits that automation of performance data brings. The integrations from Telmore’s sales and customer service data sources and systems mean that the teams know exactly what is going on in real time.

"The dashboards give the possibility of having 100% correct data all the time in a nice design. Plus, our sales are live, completely live. So as soon as an agent registers it, it will appear up on the screen!"

Emil Gjørup Pedersen

Simple Setup for a Quick Overview

“The clean design and simple features Plecto has are highly motivating” for the frontline agents. And they’re not the only ones benefitting from the real-time dashboards. Emil explains, “The conditional colors are amazing, especially for the CEO, who can just look up and see whether it’s green, yellow, or red. Obviously, we want green–and you can get a very quick overview of how it’s going.”

The quick, easy overview of performance data in real-time means managers at Telmore spend less time on data analysis reporting and more time on nurturing and coaching their team to even greater success!

"You should always be able to look at the screen and get a quick overview, which what the dashboard is doing for the team managers."

Emil Gjørup Pedersen

With the sole responsibility of setting up and implementing Plecto, the value of the simple setup was something that meant a lot to Emil: “It’s a few clicks. It’s really easy to set up everything. And elegant. The dashboards are looking really nice. I don’t have an education in UI/UX, so having someone make it that simple makes it possible for me to do something that looks really nice with relatively little skills.”

Final Thoughts on Plecto

Reflecting on the success of Plecto for Telmore’s performance-based culture, Emil offered some key advice for others wanting to simplify data for their frontline agents or implement the motivational tool into their workplace operations: “In order to keep Plecto fresh all the time, you need to find a balance between exposing too much or too little. It’s about finding a good balance between how many slides you use on a screen, and how much data you are willing to show.”

For others looking to implement Plecto; knowing your intentions, and what you want to achieve, and keeping this in mind as you develop the dashboards will be critical to your success.

If ever in doubt, Plecto’s expert support team will help you in any way possible. “Plecto has a really nice customer service team, able to respond pretty much all the time” concludes Emil with praise for the live chat function available for your pressing Plecto assistance.

We are committed to data privacy. All dashboard images in this blog post have been provided by our customer, Telmore. Names and identification photos have been blurred out or altered for security. Plecto does not access customer dashboards without written consent.


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"It's a few clicks. It's really easy to set up everything. It's elegant. The dashboards are looking really nice. And the gamification is very motivating!"

Emil Pedersen -  Telmore Profile Rounded.png

Emil Gjørup Pedersen

Performance Specialist at Telmore

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