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Customer Churn Rate

Count of customers that canceled their subscription in a certain period of time.

Customer Churn Rate

What is Customer Churn Rate?

This KPI keeps count of the number of clients that have decided to cancel their subscription with your business. More specifically, it’s not only cancellations but also account closures, non-renewals of agreements or simply decisions to get that product/service somewhere else.

It’s relevant to update this rate every certain period of time since it’s a KPI that will impact your monthly revenue. It would be useful as well to know the reasons why your customers are not doing business with you anymore so that you can start implementing some changes or improvements to prevent it.

This KPI is especially used by companies with just one price for every customer because every churn has the same value. For SaaS companies with different pricing tiers, instead, it might be more accurate to take a look at the Churn MRR.

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Customer Churn Rate

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Customer Churn Rate

Customer Churn Rate


Customer Churn Rate

How to calculate Customer Churn Rate?
    Count(Churned Subscription) / 
    Count(New Monthly MRR)
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