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Customer Service

8 Essential Customer Service Skills to Master in 2024

Discover the 4 key elements of great customer service and the 8 essential customer service skills your team must master to meet customers’ expectations in 2024.

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8 Things All Your Coaching Sessions Need

Unlock the secrets to successful employee coaching and discover the eight things that your coaching sessions need!

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7 Steps to Enhance Employees’ Personal Development

Employees are your most valuable asset, which requires lots of investments and pays off. In this ultimate guide you will find step-by-step guide to enhance employees development and how it can bring success to your business!

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Sales performance

10 Statistics That Will Teach you the Importance of Boosting Team Performance

High-performing teams impact your company's success. In this article, we reveal 10 essential statistics that demonstrate the power of having an engaged and motivated team.

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How to Make 1 to 1 Meetings More Impactful

Looking for new ways to nurture your employees? 1 to 1 meetings are a vital tool for boosting employee engagement and developing your employees' skillset. In this blog, discover our simple steps to holding impactful 1:1s that will make a big difference to your employees.

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5 Coaching Types and How to Know Which One Is Best for You

Discovering the right coaching type can bring critical success to your business...Find out which coaching style fits your team!

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5 Types of Management Training Every Company Should Invest In

Investing in training programs for managers and their teams is not only an investment in the health and happiness of employees, but it also brings success to the business. Find out which management programs your company should choose!

1. Cross cultural communication

10 Tips for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Learn how to improve your cross-cultural communication with these 10 easy tips

Customer Service

5 Strategies to Provide Great Telecom Customer Service

Learn five key strategies for providing convenient and personalized telecom customer service while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Blog - 5 Steps for Introducing Company Habits

5 Steps for Introducing Company Work Habits

Company habits can help make your business much more effective. In this guest blog post from Userlike, you will discover the five steps you need to take to introduce company habits.

Blog - Google Reveals 10 Ways to Become a Great Manager

What Makes a Good Manager? Google Reveals 10 Useful Tips For You

Want to know how to transition from a good manager into a great one? Google's Project Oxygen has the answers. In this post, we share the 10 ways Google identify a great manager.

Blog - Why Sales Coaching with Real-Time Data Matters
Sales performance

What is Sales Coaching and Why Using Sales Coaching With Real Time Data Matters

Sales reps often say that they aren’t getting the support they need to hit their targets. Many managers take coaching very seriously, investing a lot of time and effort – but with lackluster results. Find out why sales coaching with real-time data matters, and learn how you can use real-time data in your sales coaching to motivate your sales reps and get them performing like never before!

Blog - Five tips to boost your team building culture - Productive-brainstorm.original

Five Tips To Boost Your Team Building Culture

Save your company's budget and make your employees satisfied. See practical tips and tricks for corporate team building activities - for free!

Blog - 3 steps you can’t miss - Employees talking informally over a cup of coffee

3 Steps You Can’t Miss While Onboarding New Employees

New year, new employees... kickstart the motivation in the office with those 3 steps!

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Customer Service

How to Become a World-Class Customer Service Agent

Want to deliver the best customer service that keeps your customers satisfied and turns them into loyal brand ambassadors? Read the 5 simple ways you can step up your customer service skills!

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Customer Service

10 Best Practices for the SaaS Onboarding Experience

SaaS onboarding is one of the most important elements of the customer journey. Learn 10 best practices for designing the best onboarding for SaaS users.

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Sales performance

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance

Sales is a high-pressure environment, but it's also one where your reps love to be the best of the best! Learn 5 effective ways to unlock your sales reps' best performance and smash their targets. Empower and motivate your team so you can spend more time on the things that matter.

Blog - “Performance Agreements” to scale up your one-on-ones!
Dashboard design

“Performance Agreements” To Scale Up Your One-on-Ones!

Discover our "Performance Agreements" feature and learn how to easily use it to scale up your one on ones.

Blog - The 3 Types of Sales Training That Every Company Should Invest In
Sales performance

The 3 Types of Sales Training That Every Company Should Invest In

Train your sales team with the most updated methods to ensure an efficient contact with your potential and current clients.

Blog - Why Harvard Thinks All Leaders Need This One Trait

Why Harvard Thinks All Leaders Need This One Trait

In this blog post, we reveal what the Harvard Business Review named as one of the most important qualities for a leader to have - compassion. Learn what compassion in business is and how to become a more compassionate leader.

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