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How to Make 1 to 1 Meetings More Impactful

Looking for new ways to nurture your employees? 1 to 1 meetings are a vital tool for boosting employee engagement and developing your employees' skillset. In this blog, discover our simple steps to holding impactful 1:1s that will make a big difference to your employees.

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5 Types of Management Training Every Company Should Invest In

Investing in training programs for managers and their teams is not only an investment in the health and happiness of employees, but it also brings success to the business. Find out which management programs your company should choose!

Customer Service

5 Strategies to Provide Great Telecom Customer Service

Learn five key strategies for providing convenient and personalized telecom customer service while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Blog - Why Sales Coaching with Real-Time Data Matters
Sales performance

What is Sales Coaching and Why Using Sales Coaching With Real Time Data Matters

Sales reps often say that they aren’t getting the support they need to hit their targets. Many managers take coaching very seriously, investing a lot of time and effort – but with lackluster results. Find out why sales coaching with real-time data matters, and learn how you can use real-time data in your sales coaching to motivate your sales reps and get them performing like never before!

Blog - Google Reveals 10 Ways to Become a Great Manager

What Makes a Good Manager? Google Reveals 10 Useful Tips For You

Want to know how to transition from a good manager into a great one? Google's Project Oxygen has the answers. In this post, we share the 10 ways Google identify a great manager.

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Sales performance

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance

Sales is a high-pressure environment, but it's also one where your reps love to be the best of the best! Learn 5 effective ways to unlock your sales reps' best performance and smash their targets. Empower and motivate your team so you can spend more time on the things that matter.

Blog - The 3 Types of Sales Training That Every Company Should Invest In
Sales performance

The 3 Types of Sales Training That Every Company Should Invest In

Train your sales team with the most updated methods to ensure an efficient contact with your potential and current clients.

Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.