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7 KPIs for Sales Managers to Track in 2024

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A sales manager is critical to the revenue growth of any business. The sales manager is responsible for a variety of tasks such as setting sales targets, adjusting sales strategies, leading their team, and much more. Balancing all these responsibilities can often be overwhelming making it difficult to stay on top of their team’s performance.

Struggling to define sales manager KPIs to track and improve your sales strategy? Don't worry, we've got you covered! We will present the 7 most important KPIs for sales managers that will boost your team's performance and sales results!

Importance of data-driven decision-making for sales managers

Taking decisions based on data will enable you to boost your sales and grow your revenue. Sales are a crucial element of your overall business success because they generate revenue and allow businesses to grow. To stay on top of your sales numbers, KPIs for sales managers help to track critical data and the monitoring of operational performance. Tracking the right KPIs will assist in making data-driven decisions, providing better customer value, and driving long-term success.

7 most important sales manager KPIs

1. Pipeline Value

The value of the sales pipeline is one of the most vital KPIs for sales managers. The value of deals in the sales pipeline is measured by the pipeline's total monetary value. This KPI for sales managers is crucial since it predicts how much sales revenue your sales team is expected to produce in the near future. A strong pipeline value shows that your sales team is effectively converting potential customers into actual ones. On the other hand, a poor sales pipeline value, can indicate problems with lead acquisition or a sales cycle with significant issues.

Obviously, as a sales manager, you wish to boost sales revenues and expand your customer base. Monitoring pipeline value KPIs will help in optimizing your sales strategies and objectives, thereby skyrocketing sales!

2. Sales Conversion Rate

The sales conversion rate measures the percentage of leads that become actual customers. Many factors, such as the sales process, the quality of leads, the duration of the sales cycle, and even market competition, can influence the sales conversion rate. Each component of sales should be carefully assessed, and any necessary adjustments should be executed without delay.

This sales conversion rate KPI for sales managers evaluates the performance of the whole sales team and change sales goals to make the most sales. Remember - you should give all the needed resources to your team: training, materials or common meetings, which will definitely increase your conversion rate!

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3. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

For businesses that rely on monthly subscriptions for their revenue, this KPI is a must. This key performance indicator is a measure of the consistent income a company can expect to receive each month from its customers.

There are three common sources of MRR income:

  • MRR from Inbound - revenue generated from inbound channels.
  • MRR from Outbound - the revenue generated by new clients gained through outbound sales initiatives.
  • MRR from Upgrades – current customers that update their subscription plan by adding new features or new licenses.

It's important to keep an eye on MRR if you want to grow revenue and keep up performance over time. By separating MRR into the subcategories above, you can figure out which channel is the most profitable and which ones need more work. This will allow you to provide direction to your sales team and maximize sales efforts!

4. Upsell and Cross-Selling

Upselling and Cross-Selling are two essential sales techniques that can enormously increase sales revenues. By utilizing key performance indicators for upselling and cross-selling, sales managers can evaluate the number of upsells, cross-sells and percentage of revenue that comes from upselling and cross-selling.

Upselling is the process of presenting customers with more expensive or premium-price versions of a product or service than what they originally intended to purchase. Cross-selling meanwhile is the practice of providing complimentary items or services that enhance the value of a purchase.

By keeping an eye on these sales manager KPIs, you can find out which products or services have the most potential for upselling and cross-selling. This lets you change your sales strategies in a way that works. By offering customers a more personalized and comprehensive experience, customer value and retention will be likely to increase. Through tracking this KPI, it enables sales managers to maintain market competitiveness and efficiently respond to customer needs.

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5. Calls Made

A single phone call can sometimes be the final step in closing a big deal. Keeping this in mind, calls made by the sales team are an important KPI for all sales managers. This key performance indicator is essential when evaluating outbound and inbound sales. Outbound indicates the number of sales calls made by your sales representatives, whereas inbound measures how the sales team reaches out to prospects. As a sales manager, you can evaluate and adjust the strategy in order to achieve best results of outbound and inbound sales performance.

This key performance indicator (KPI) is important for sales managers to keep an eye on. It gives a good impression of the extent your sales staff are interacting with potential customers and lets you improve the sales process and increase profitability!

6. Sales Cycle Length

The sales cycle KPI is an essential addition to the list of KPIs for sales managers. This metric is critical to your sales strategy since it indicates how long it takes for a lead to become a paying customer. Sales managers can use this KPI to identify bottlenecks in the sales process and modify their strategy to reduce the time it takes to close deals. Longer sales cycles can mean that you miss out on opportunities and don't use your resources as well as you could and these things can lead to higher operating costs.

By shortening the sales cycle, you can better use your resources and improve the performance of your sales team. Having statistical data regarding the sales cycle also helps define achievable sales goals. As a sales manager, you may determine where customers are in their decision-making process and modify sales tactics accordingly.

7. Competitor Pricing

Up to now we've focused on KPIs that concern your own team, however it's just important to stay up to date with the competition. Being market competitive also entails being aware of market changes and customers' pricing sensitivity. This sales manager KPI should undoubtedly be included in sales analysis! You can stay competitive by identifying average market pricing trends and competitor pricing.

Remember, following price trends will help you build strong customer relationships and increase customer retention! With customer retention, you can start cross-selling or upselling, which will lead to a large customer base and a strong brand image.

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