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Engage Your Remote Team With our 'Limit Dashboard Access' Feature!

Blog - Limit Dashboard Access - Example of individual dashboard in Plecto

No matter if your company’s nature has always been remote working, or if you are just adapting to new circumstances, surely you want to know what’s going on in your business. 

Maybe your current focus is not so much on improving performance, but on finding a steady middle point that can ensure the business’ safety. In any case, Plecto’s features can make it easier for you to keep your remote team engaged in the distance. 

This feature is called Limit Dashboard Access and, as its intuitive name already describes it, we’ll move on to talk about why this is something that you want to have. 

The first reason is that you no longer need to have a Large package to be able to enjoy this feature because for a limited period of time we are offering it for FREE to our Medium packages as well. 

We want you to be able to get the best out of your business in these challenging times, without having to spend more money on it. So if you have a Medium package, you just need to contact our Support team and they’ll activate it for you. 

But let’s talk now about the real deal with this feature. 

Benefits of “Limit Dashboard Access” feature 

Firstly, it re-engages your employees working from home. If they were used to having a TV in the office displaying your Plecto dashboard, what happens now that they don’t? 

Good news: nothing changes!

Plecto dashboards can be accessed from any device, at any time. If you want your team to also be able to see the dashboard(s) from home, you just need to grant them access to it. And it’s really easy. 

Blog - Limit Dashboard Access - Example of individual Plecto dashboard

As an Admin in Plecto App, you can select who has access to each dashboard that you have created - or will create in the future. So you still have the control of who in your company sees the specific data displayed in the different dashboards. 

By allowing them to see their real-time data also from home, you promote transparency among colleagues - which will directly lead you to an engaged team that trusts in their progress. 

It’s all about empowering your organization with a full overview also for your employees, so that none of you are missing out on your real-time data. 

Management and individual dashboards

What if you have created a dashboard for your managers, with data that is not relevant for the entire team? The answer is clear: Limit Dashboard Access. 

You decide who can access that dashboard so that your managers can have a better insight into the specific KPIs you are focusing on at the moment. Also, your managers usually need more detailed information about the overall current progress in order to deliver more focused guidelines to their teams. 

And this brings us to the next option: individual dashboards. You can allow your managers to create customized dashboards for specific employees, rather than just for the whole team. 

This is especially useful to keep them motivated during the day, since they can more easily check their own progress. Moreover, it enables the manager to create a better individual overview where they can better organize their tasks for the day, pipeline and objectives. 

To make this happen, you just have to give access to your managers to edit dashboards that only specific employees can visualize. For this, an admin should create a new dashboard and then grant access to the manager to edit, choose formulas and widgets and adjust the layout to their own preferences. In summary, managers can’t create or delete a dashboard, but they surely can edit already created widgets and KPIs. 

Engaging your employees in their daily routine is easier than ever with this feature!

3 tips and tricks to improve communication remotely

Being physically apart from each other doesn’t mean that you can’t still share a friendly culture while working from home. Let Plecto help you increase your team’s motivation throughout the day with these simple tricks:

1. Set motivational quotes for individual dashboards

Who doesn’t need a little boost from time to time? Regardless of where your team is working from, we all appreciate a tap in the shoulder (even a virtual one) to keep a positive attitude. 

You can easily make it fun to work from home by setting personalized notifications to pop up in the individual dashboards!

For instance, you can use this option to remind your team how awesome they are, how good a job they are doing at the moment or simply that they also deserve a break from time to time. There are never too many good things that you can tell your employees!

Blog - Limit Dashboard Access - Example of motivational notification in Plecto App

With these notifications popping up throughout the day, you are helping promote the friendly culture by keeping the motivation up also from home. 

2. Use Statements to celebrate individual progress

We have included the option of adding text together with our conditional colors. As you probably know by now, these colors are used to show the progress made in a KPI towards a set goal. Therefore, it changes the color the closer you get to actually achieving it. 

Of course, you personalize these colors according to your standards, so you decide when should it show red, change to orange or finally get the “achieved” green. This is a very simple but effective way of keeping it fun and motivating to follow the progress on a dashboard. 

Blog - Limit Dashboard Access - Setting statements colors in Plecto App

And since we are very keen on helping you motivate your team even more from home, we walked the extra mile to bring you the option of adding personalized text for your employees. 

As well as selecting the metrics for the color change, you also choose when do you want the different messages to show on the dashboard. This way, the message will be shown next to your employees’ names, so that everyone visualizing that dashboard can be part of the celebration. 

The best thing about these Statements is that you can personalize them as much as you want to show your culture, embrace your employees as you would usually do in the office and cheer them up also while working remotely. 

3. Create friendly notifications for the entire team

Lastly, another trick that can really make a difference in your team’s daily motivation is setting different notifications to trigger in the common dashboards throughout the day. Therefore, this should not only be set for an individual or specific team’s dashboard, but for the whole company that has access to Plecto to be able to feel part of the culture. 

The purpose of these achievement badges is for them to be inspirational, motivating and keeping the office vibes flowing at home! 

For this, a good idea is to promote having habits together that don't always involve working hard, so that you also build your remote culture and keep them engaged with each other now in the distance. 

Blog - Limit Dashboard Access - Example of birthday notification in Plecto

For instance, you can pop a notification to trigger at lunchtime, reminding your employees to take a break together - to some extent. It can also be a funny alert for somebody’s birthday or anniversary in the company. Or even an internal joke that will make all your team smile at once when they see it on the dashboard. 

As you can tell, a strong culture also comes from small details, especially during challenging times. That’s why Plecto offers you diverse gamification and notification options that you can customize to your own style so that your employees still feel part of the company wherever they are, any time.


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