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Dashboard design Feb. 25, 2020

3 tricks to use Plecto Achievements in the most engaging way

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When our Customer Success team speaks with some of our Plecto users, they often get the same comments: “My employees are asking for more creative achievements but I don’t have more data to import”, “I don’t know how to create a fun and engaging office culture”, “I would like my dashboards to have a more entertaining approach”... 

As surprising as it can be, the answer will always be this: You can do it in Plecto!

Sometimes we get so focused on integrations, importing data from the systems and visualizing real-time insights, that we forget about the fun part. 

But it’s actually easier than you might expect to create an engaging dashboard - fully customized to your office!

Start celebrating “best mood spreader”, “most cakes brought”, “employee of the month”... Options are endless when it comes to recognizing achievements! Here you have our 3 tricks - with very practical examples - on how to walk the extra mile with your Plecto dashboards.

Automatic badges

When you create an objective for an employee or department, you can also set a badge to appear next to the one who achieves it first. This takes achieving goals to a whole new level!

For instance, next month’s goal for your sales team is to reach out to 1000 leads each, and the first one completing it will have the dollar badge next to his/her name for the rest of the month. 

In this regard, you can choose when the badge is supposed to appear, and also when you want it to expire. This way, your employees are continuously aiming for it! 

Achievements example 3.png

In case you have more than one badge, make sure your employees know what these stand for! A good idea for this can be to create a small key or legend with a brief description of each symbol. Like a map of your success!

This makes it easier for all your employees to keep track of every co-worker’s achievements, as well as having a better overview of those that are still to be earned. 

Let’s trigger friendly competition in the office, and see who wins the badge first!

Include it manually

Unfortunately, there isn’t any system that tracks subjective traits such as “mood spreader” or “best joke”. Fortunately, you can easily include it manually into your Plecto dashboard with just a few clicks, in just a few minutes. 

Let’s see an example. Imagine there’s a Manager that wants to reward that employee who just brought a very nice cake and didn’t take credit for it. In this case, she - or whoever else has access to adding data on Plecto - can easily thank him with a badge. 

By selecting manual data, this Manager would only have to select the symbol from the list that will appear next to the employee’s name. The achievement’s titles are customizable, so they can be adapted to the specific context. 

Achievements examples.png

This way, instead of “Team Player” it can be “Brought cake today” - and everyone in the office will know who’s the one to thank for it! Voilá.

Same goes if you want to name the employee of the month. You just need to select the chosen co-worker and decide the symbol that will appear next to the name during the entire month. Easy peasy!

Isn’t it funny to recognize your employees’ positive vibes as well? There’s just so much good energy you can spread around the office with just these few clicks. 

Go crazy

Last but not least! You can make it as creative and personalized as you want it to be. And if you are lacking ideas, maybe your employees have the best insights for you! 

After all, there are plenty of small details that can make the office life enjoyable, and everyone should take their part of the responsibility for it. These badges are like a tap on the shoulder for the job well done. Who doesn’t like one from time to time? 

You are already importing data automatically from your different sources. You can now step it up and start using Plecto to work on your culture!

As well as recognizing achievements, you can make the dashboard in accordance with your internal jokes and your own office habits. This will cheer your employees up as they can celebrate together and share their anecdotes. 

What achievements do you have in mind?


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