Manage the performance of your social media channels

Get an all in one view of your company's SoMe

Keep up to speed with how your social media channels are performing. Easily track metrics including engagements, likes and clicks on your social media content and get an overview of how you channels are performing in just one glance!

Centralize your campaigns

Running campaigns on more than one platform and struggling to compare performance? With Plecto you can visualize campaign data from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google all on one dashboard.

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Performance insights to take data-driven decisions

Use your data insight to shape your social media strategy

Tracking your social media activity will enable you to take data-driven decisions that will in turn boost your overall marketing performance. Share performance insights with your team so that everyone stays in the loop regarding your team's marketing plan of action.

Data other teams can act on

Many of the metrics displayed on your social media dashboards will also be of use to other teams, such as sales. Remember to visualize on big screens in the office, so it won't just be the marketing department that can take action.

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Synchronize your social media reporting

Understand your social media performance with Plecto's automated reports

Get the full breakdown of your entire social media performance with Plecto's automated reports. Schedule your reports and get them automatically sent to your email, or export them as a powerpoint or Excel file.

Extract the key metrics

How many leads has your campaign generated? How much noise are you making on SoMe? Our reporting feature makes it easy to find the numbers to keep on top of your social media reporting.

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One-click integrations with the biggest social media platforms

Connect your SoMe metrics in seconds

Plecto integrates with the biggest social media marketing tools including Facebook Ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn. Simply select the platforms that you want to visualize, select the data types, choose your widgets and then you are all set!

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Pre-built KPIs

Browse our collection of ready-to-go KPIs that are tailor-made for monitoring your social media channels. Design a dashboard that combines pre-built and custom KPIs to get a complete overview of your social media performance.

Build your social media dashboard in minutes with our prebuilt KPIs