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5 Ways to Provide the Best Customer Experience in the Telcom Industry

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The telecommunications industry is well-established with many household names dominating the market. As such, it is very difficult to come up with something new in terms of products that will separate you from the competition. To stand out from the crowd, it’s worth focusing your efforts on creating the best telco customer experience.  To find out exactly how to make your customer service top of the class, read on. Why is it important to have the best customer experience in the telecom industry?

There are many telecommunications companies and customers are always looking for better offers, making the telecommunications market very competitive. One of the ways you can keep your customers and attract new ones is by investing in providing them with a great consumer experience. This is confirmed by the statistics that say that 1/3 of customers would consider changing companies after just 1 bad experience, and 54% of them expect a better experience than last year. 

If the competition and statistics haven't convinced you that you should invest in improving the customer experience, these are 2 more benefits of investing in a better experience:

Customer loyalty - By investing in a better telco customer experience, you build a relationship with the customer, turning into customer loyalty.  A loyal customer will be less likely to change companies while boosting the chances that they will buy additional services from you. With this, you build long-term relationships with customers and increase your revenue.

Increase your revenue - In order to develop the best customer experience, it is necessary to invest in digital technologies. Investing in digital technologies will save you time and resources. An example of this is self-service sites (continue reading for a more detailed explanation), where you will gather essential information with which you can later improve your marketing and sales strategies. All of this results in higher revenue and ARPU.

How to provide the best customer experience in telecom

By now you have already understood why providing a good experience to your customers is important, but there are so many methods that can be applied to achieve just that. Here at Plecto, we have singled out 5 methods that will certainly help you to optimize your service-providing strategy. Keep reading to find out what it's all about.

1. Personalization

Nobody likes to feel like they are talking to a robot. Consumers want to receive service that understands their issue and is dedicated to finding a solution. To achieve this you will need to take personalized approach to your customer experience. You can provide a more personalized consumer experience by developing new or improving old products and services to meet your customer’s personal expectations. These are some of the ways you can introduce personalization into your strategy:

  • Know what your customers' expectations are - conduct surveys and monitor their actions and keep track of online reviews. This way you will know what they really want.
  • Segment your customers - Not all of your customers will have the same spending habits, usually you will have customer groups - i.e. segments with similar spending habits. This means that you can't apply the same tactics towards everyone. Instead, segment your groups and develop a different approach to each segment.

Some examples of personalization are: 

  • Addressing the customer by their first name.
  • Know their habits and consumption, for example, how much they use mobile data and talk minutes.
  • Offer them discounts and offers that they would need, the same applies to push notifications.
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2. Mobile first method

We live in a time when almost everyone has a mobile phone. We all use mobile phones for many more things than we did 20 years ago when we had to use a computer for some things like watching movies and listening to music. Accordingly, your telecom company should apply mobile-first design/development. Based on this, your main focus should not be computer design but mobile design, so start first with mobile design and then later in the project start with computer design. The way you would apply this method is by creating a mobile application with which service providers would have one-on-one conversations with customers and you could expand your audience.

3. Omni-channel experience

Using only phone or email to communicate with customers is a thing of the past. Thanks to technological advancements we now use numerous digital communication channels such as email, websites, social media, chatbots and so on. In order to optimize the use of multiple digital communication channels, introduce an omnichannel experience into your strategy. According to Infosys Digital a leading in the digital services provider, an omni-channel strategy is defined as  “an approach to making your business seamlessly available to your customers, in their preferred manner, whenever and wherever they need it.” 

What you are trying to do with this strategy is to improve the customer's experience, the customer must feel an excellent connection between communication channels. The benefit of this strategy is that customers have a better experience by having smooth and errorless communication with company, and service providers get information and insights on how to understand and improve the customer experience. If you implement an omnichannel strategy poorly, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn.

4. Combine Al and analytic data 

As a service provider, you already know that you have a lot of data that is not connected, but you would greatly benefit from connecting that data. By connecting this data, you get a better connection between your customers and their behavior and a better understanding of how to solve problems. To achieve this, use big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), which complement each other. They are complemented by big data analytics putting data into the Al engine, these are inputs such as hidden patterns, variable correlations, and market data.  Likewise, by combining big data analytics and the Al mechanism, you will be able to process a large amount of data much faster than otherwise and with less latency.

5. Self-service centers 

You’re probably already aware that customers will often ask similar questions, or have a simple query that can be easily resolved. For such situations, create a self-service site to save both your time and the customers. Self-service enables your customers to access and resolve plans independently from anywhere and at any time, not to mention that it allows you to save on costs.

How Plecto can help you improve the customer experience for telecom companies

We've mentioned data countless times so far, but with good reason. You need data for everything from knowing customer behavior to being able to set your KPIs. Plecto offers you help in everything whether it’s motivating your employees, visualizing your data, or automating your reports.s.

Try out all the ways we can make your daily work easier with a 14-day free trial and see for yourself how your team’s performance improves.


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