What is the Number of New Disputes?

The Number of New Disputes counts the number of times a charge made by your company has been questioned by your customers over the last period. When this happens, the organization has the opportunity to respond to the dispute, providing evidence to show that the charge is legitimate.

This KPI is usually calculated on a monthly basis, but this period can also be modified to fit your company’s needs better. The Number of New Disputes is a particularly relevant KPI for your finance and customer service teams to monitor.

Why is the Number of New Disputes important?

By visualizing this KPI, you enable your team to keep an eye on the times that the company has been asked for proof or refund, regardless of whether you ended up paying it back or not. This gives you a better insight into your finances, as well as your customer’s experience with the product/service.

Moreover, it can also serve as a learning tool to spot mistakes in communication or in your customer service, which might be leading your customers to misunderstand your terms and conditions more regularly than usual.

Best practices for Number of New Disputes

The best practice for Number of New Disputes is to reduce it. Whether this means reducing human error, improving communication materials, or being sure your customer service team is performing up to par, Number of New Disputes is a KPI to strive to keep as low as possible. A high or increasing dispute rate indicates that a problem exists somewhere, and needs to be identified and addressed as soon as possible.

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