Bahra IT Solutions is a professional software consultancy who specializes in helping clients with customizing and integrating their Podio CRM setup. Working with expert real estate investors since 2011, they have helped them stay connected to their leads and close more deals than ever.

Learn how to manage your core operations

With a strong focus on the real estate vertical, Bahra IT solutions help their clients to easily understand and manage their core operations, while assisting them in how to track sales and marketing KPIs with Plecto’s dashboards.

Understand your raw data from Podio

Through Plecto’s integration with Podio, Bahra IT Solutions guides their clients on how to turn their raw data into visual and easily understood real-time dashboards.

Automate processes and save time

These dashboards help their clients gain valuable insights and presents information in a way that engages employees at a deeper level, by gamifying in a new and innovative way.

By doing this, businesses will discover how they can drive excellence in their employees performance.

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Systems they specialise in