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Sales performance Jan. 25, 2023

Which CRM system to choose? 3 examples that will help you decide

Blog - Choosing the right CRM

Since we started Plecto in 2012, I’ve helped implement sales visualization dashboards in several companies, including one of the largest companies in the world. I’ve always found that the biggest challenge in implementing performance or motivation dashboards is accessing the right data.

How to choose a CRM system?

When it comes to growing your sales, whether in size or performance, choosing the correct CRM system is critical for your further success. To make the CRM selection process easier for you, I’ve created a list of the top-three CRM systems that I’ve personally experienced and worked on. I will provide you with the key strengths and weaknesses of those CRM systems:


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution supporting just about any way of doing sales, Salesforce can definitely bring you there. It comes at a cost, though. It takes most companies much time and effort to set up Salesforce to their own needs.


  • Very few limitations
  • AppExchange (Similar to AppStore, just for Salesforce add-ons)
  • Extensive reporting suite


  • Difficult to use for end-users
  • Expensive compared to many other CRMs


Pipedrive is an essential CRM system set of sales pipelines where different stages can be defined and what customers need to go through before getting them won or closed. When it comes to the CRM selection process, Pipedrive is mostly popular amongst smaller businesses, but I have also seen many medium-large companies using it.. If you have doubts in choosing a CRM system and you want just a simple and fast solution, Pipedrive would be a great choice.


  • Easy to get started
  • Your sales reps will love it


  • Almost no possibilities for reporting
  • No “app support” built-in


Podio isn’t really a CRM system, it is more a platform in which you could build a CRM, or just another system. From a statistical point of view, we are getting quite a lot of sign-ups via Podio, which is why I decided to add this option as well, while choosing a CRM system. If you want to increase your efficiency, and have a CRM system, which is not only simple but doesn’t require any coding, choose - Podio. You can design “apps”, using a simple drag and drop function and let your employees work!


  • Very customisable
  • Cheap (even free in some cases)
  • You can also use it for other things than CRM


  • It’s not exclusively a CRM and lacks built-in methodology
  • Can get confusing with a high number of leads/accounts

So, in this article, I’ve presented 3 commonly used CRM systems and explained both their strengths and weaknesses. Bearing all the key points in mind, the CRM selection process shouldn’t be complicated anymore!



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