May 8, 2015 · News

SmartTV, Computer+TV or Custom Devices for Your Sales Dashboard

Kristian Øllegaard
CEO at Plecto

We get a lot of questions from customers about office dashboards and what hardware to use for displaying their performance data. We’ve tested most of the options and here I’d like to present the most common ones and our experience with them.

Smart TV

If you want to display your dashboards on TVs, you have two options: Samsung or LG (with webOS). While the Phillips Smart TVs looks like they are a good deal, their browser is very poor which causes bugs on websites, including the Plecto performance dashboards. Let’s take a deeper look:

LG (with webOS)

WebOS which comes with newer LG models has an extremely good browser that shows Plecto just like if it was an ordinary computer. However, it does have one major pain point: It goes into pause screen every 30 or 60 minutes. We’ve tried to call LG to resolve this issue, but for now we haven’t been able to. As soon as this issue can be solved, LG with webOS would be our recommended TV dashboard solution.


We tested a number of Samsung TVs and it seems to be very specific to each model whether they work properly with Plecto or not. If you’re looking for a Samsung TV we recommend that you test it in a store with your dashboard software, before actually purchasing it if you want to use the Smart TV function.

Computer + TV

In this setup, you can use just about any TV. The only thing to look out for is the resolution, usually marked with the term “HD Ready”, “Full HD” or “4K”. You should completely avoid “HD Ready” and go for any of the other TV resolution options, where “4K” is the best one to track your KPIs metrics on a dashboard from Plecto.

Dell Optiplex 2030 Micro with Intel i5

One of our good clients recommended this machine. The model with an i5 processor runs the business system super smooth and the best part is that it fits perfectly behind the TV.

Custom devices

The Raspberry PI 

The Raspberry PI can fit behind just about any TV and excels in size and features. However, because of lack of good drivers it is not possible to run smooth animations in the browser. Until this is solved, we do not recommend Raspberry PI for our business visualization dashboards.

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