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7 Steps to Enhance Employees’ Personal Development

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Do you want to have high-performance employees, that are loyal, engaged, and motivated? It’s time you start investing in employee development then! By providing opportunities for employee development and growth, you will not only increase employee engagement, and retention rates, but it will also positively impact your company’s success. Recent research has shown that 94% of employees would stay longer at a company if it offered learning and development opportunities. So, if you want to improve employee development, keep reading for 7 steps to get started!

The importance of employee personal development in the workplace

Personal employee development is not just a buzzword; it is also one of the most important components, leading to your company's success! By enhancing employee development strategies, you can empower your employees to grow, learn and achieve better-than-ever results! It's like getting all of the superpowers that can help your employees perform better. It's a win-win situation for you and your employees because you will not only help your employees but also will strengthen your organization. Particularly, employee development has several advantages:

  • Increased motivation: if employees feel that they growing and developing, they will be more motivated to outperform their current results.
  • Enchased productivity: employees will be more efficient with having the right skills and knowledge.
  • Stronger team engagement: it will boost team performance, which will lead to better results and collaboration.

Do you want to know how to enhance employee development? Read more and get an ultimate step-by-step guide to employee development strategies!

Step 1: Set employee development goals

Setting clear goals will sound like an obvious task, but it is the base for reaching success in enhancing employee development! Start with setting SMART objectives, for example:

Develop your leadership:

  • Specific: Develop your leadership skills in 6 months.
  • Measurable: Lead one project and receive feedback from your colleagues.
  • Achievable: Attend at least one leadership training program.
  • Relevant: Good leadership skills will help to enhance full team potential and performance.
  • Time-bound: Complete the training program and lead one project in 6 months.

These described goals can be used as inspiration; you can adjust and change goals according to your company's goals! It can be related to personal or professional skills, specific technical knowledge, or gaining new competencies.

Setting clear goals will help your employees stay motivated and prioritize their tasks toward achieving their goals. In turn, this can increase their confidence and motivation, leading to job satisfaction and happiness.

Set goals easier with Plecto personalized performance agreements, where you can set personalized KPIs towards their goal, time-frame, and set employee development goals. It can help track your employees' progress towards set goals and see what needs to be adjusted!

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Step 2: Provide training and development opportunities

Your most valuable asset is your employees. Without them - it is difficult to step further in this intensive business world. Your employees should therefore have the tools and resources for their development such as one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, online courses, or specialized training programs with professionals.

It is also vital for helping achieve employees' personal goals and gain new skills. So, by providing professional training opportunities for your employees, you will foster a culture of growth and development which lead to greater productivity and outcome for your employees' development!

Step 3: Encourage self-reflection

Employees should also invest in themselves by reflecting on their progress and achieved milestones. This can be done in several ways, for example, through online surveys, peer-to-peer reviews, or group sessions in an informal environment. Making self-reflection for your employees at your workplace one of your top priorities will allow you to identify patterns and make improvements toward employee goals. Additionally, self-reflection can not only be used for employees' goals reflection but can also be used in various work situations. For example, reflecting on past successes and failures, where employees can identify what strategies worked well and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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Step 4: Foster a culture of team learning and growth

A team is not made up of just one person. If you want to reach your business goals, remember to foster a culture of team learning and growth. A team comprises people with different strengths and weaknesses, and by helping each other your employees can reach their goals more efficiently! For example, it is possible to accomplish this by organizing knowledge-sharing team sessions. Team members can learn from each other and build their skill sets by sharing their expertise. It is also a good idea to share the best performers' practices, which can inspire other employees to do the same and be more efficient in achieving their own goals.

Step 5: Provide mentorship and coaching

Creating a supportive environment and providing mentorship and coaching help to enable full employee development. For this role, you can choose a senior employee or a manager, who will guide employees through challenges, share their experiences and provide advice so employees feel more confident and motivated to push themselves to meet their goals. Giving mentorship and coaching to your employees will improve job performance and team collaboration.

Step 6: Recognize and reward progress and achievement

Remember to recognize and reward your employees when reaching significant milestones! It can motivate, resulting in more effective performance towards set goals. When employees feel appreciated, it can boost their confidence and their sense of self-worth increases. This can lead to improved performance results and morale. You can reward your employees by giving them bonuses, gifts, extra vacation days, or even promotions - it depends on how you want to reward your employees.

One effective way to reward your employees is with the Plecto Reward Store! This interactive feature will undoubtedly boost your employee performance and motivation! Here, employees can earn virtual coins, which can be redeemed for a prize of their choice. Prizes can be various, for example, gift cards, discounts or a weekend trip - it can be anything! This not only boosts motivation and engagement but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among team members.

Step 7: Continuously evaluate and adjust

Don’t let your employees down! Sometimes, it’s a common cliche, that higher goals can make your employees outperform. As a result, not reaching goals can unmotivate your employee, feeling invaluable. Make a timeline of weekly or monthly employee performance analysis, to see what progress has been made and what still needs to be done before the deadline. As a result of routinely checking in, sometimes, you will need to extend the deadline, adapt goals or adjust resources.

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