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Sales performance Feb. 1, 2019

How to Engage your Team in a Data-Driven Performance Culture

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Adjusting your internal culture to incorporate dashboards is a great business. Using them as a primary motivator engages your team while adding some fun and friendly competition. 

Although the benefits are far-reaching, without structure and thought all the effort you put into creating stunning visualizations could fall short the mark. 

Below are some key points to help you ensure your team members are engaged, happy, driven, and all pushing in the right direction.

Flexibility is King

The beauty of data-driven analysis is your decisions are based on hard data. What works for a creative team of designers might not be as effective for a more logical accounts team. This is why it’s important to ensure the platform you use suits as many different styles and scenarios as possible. Built-in flexibility allows you to visualize the critical data in a relevant way on any screen.

Take it to the people

Another fantastic way to make the most of the potential is by fostering a culture of inclusion. Giving everybody access to performance related data can be a good motivator. However, educating the same people on why you’ve selected certain metrics, even engaging the teams in the process of identifying the metrics, engages on a much deeper level.
When we actively take part in something we become more invested in the process and the results. Having the visualizations on display can help to keep the individuals focused on their own performance. A better understanding also encourages discussion (and friendly banter) as they progress towards goals.

If no one sees it, it didn’t happen

A performance driven culture must acknowledge and reward achievement. We have developed several features to keep everything fun, lighthearted, and productive. Plecto makes sure achievements are noticed and contributions are recognized.

A team writing down on a notebook while sharing a cup of coffee

Great for smartphone addicts

Smartphone notifications for achieving goals keeps everyone in the loop. They let people know their effort is having an impact on the numbers and gives you the tools to congratulate teams and the employees.

Who needs Candy Crush?

Gamification is a great way to add an extra element of fun. Taking the entertaining, familiar, and addictive elements from games ensure your teams stay fully engaged. Build in achievements and icons. Rank people in real time according to their performance. Generating friendly competition will create a more vibrant and active workplace.

You can also run friendly competitions. Individuals, teams, or entire locations will enjoy work and be more invested. Plecto also integrates with Sonos, Inc. and Philips Hue. This adds music into the mix as a reward or notification. Whether it’s an individual closing a deal or a team goal is achieved, the latest hit or a cheesy party song is a great way to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed. The music and creative light show will become a recognizable sign of success.

Empowered to achieve

Using Plecto in an effective way will ensure individuals want to take ownership of their performance. A feedback culture encourages discussion and promotes understanding, both of which empower people to work more effectively towards the key metrics that matter most to your company.

Integrating the system into the heart of your office culture will ensure everybody is pushing in the same direction.

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