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Customer Service

5 B2B Customer Service Trends Shaping 2024 You Need to Know

Find out why B2B customer service is one of the most important contributors to long-term success, how the recent pandemic has changed customer service forever, and how to embrace five trends that will B2B customer service in 2024.

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Customer Service

Step-by-Step Guide on Dealing with Churned Customers

Just received a churn request? Learn how to deal with churned customers and discover the steps for effective churn management

Blog - Customer Service and Success
Customer Service

4 Ways to Celebrate Success at Work & Deliver Better Customer Service

Providing top customer service is pivotal to the entire operation of a company. Learn about the different ways to ensure that your customer service team stays motivated as you celebrate the success of your entire CS team.

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Customer Service

How to Become a World-Class Customer Service Agent

Want to deliver the best customer service that keeps your customers satisfied and turns them into loyal brand ambassadors? Read the 5 simple ways you can step up your customer service skills!

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Increase Your Support Team’s Performance & Motivation With Dixa

Dixa now lets you import your realtime data straight into Plecto!

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Customer Service

5 Customer Service Dashboards Every Customer Success Team Needs

Tired of having to keep all your customer service data in your head? Here are five customer service dashboards to visualize the customer service KPIs you need to get motivated customer service reps and satisfied customers!

Blog - Call Center Gamification Plecto Blog
Customer Service

5 Ways to Use Call Center Gamification to Improve Customer Service

Call center gamification is proven to improve customer service. Uncover the pros & cons of gamification, and learn 5 ways to use gamification to drive great customer service.

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Experts Agree: Integrations are the Secret to Creating a Stronger Customer Experience

Find out how integrating your telephony data from Aircall, business analytics, and CRM data is the key to a better, more seamless customer experience!

Blog - Customer Service Phone Rapport
Customer Service

10 Best Ways Customer Service Reps Can Build Customer Rapport

Building good customer rapport is more important than ever in modern-day customer service teams. Learn 10 effective tactics for developing customer rapport over the phone.

Blog - Performance Management Coach Employees Blog
Customer Service

5 Employee Performance Management Tips to Enhance Customer Service

Learn the 5 employee performance management tactics that can improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention to enhance customer service!

Blog - SaaS Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Service

How to Use SaaS Customer Journey Maps to Improve CS

Ready to crush your SaaS customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty? Start with customer journey mapping! Learn the 6 stages of a typical SaaS customer journey. Plus, find out how customer journey maps can improve CS, innovation, and cross-department alignment.

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Sales performance

4 Simple Ways to Align Your Sales & Customer Success Teams

Learn four easy ways to align sales and CS teams. Find out what happens when they exist in a vacuum, and how they can help each other achieve new levels of customer success!

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